This Week’s Feline Activities on Facebook

tortoiseshell cat with grass and flowers
Kelly comments to the catbird.

A roundup of this week’s feline updates on Facebook in no particular order…yes, had some computer issues this week and couldn’t post but thanks to my felines I got through it, and a new computer is on the horizon.

CAT TV NEWS UPDATE: At least a dozen baby chickadees have just descended on the feeders with their parents, all chittering and cheeping and learning to use the perches and the suet basket.


Two geniuses are trying to figure out what they can do with an empty Saltines box on this lovely morning.


“Stop stressing out over your computer! Just stop and pet us, that’s why we’re all here all over your desk!” Thanks, my feline family, we got the e-newsletter and a bunch of other things done, but it’s time to retire this old computer…about time!


Mom’s been mumbling something about her computer not liking Facebook and being way too slow and she was crawling all around it yesterday, we helped her but she was still making bad words. She fixed it, but you missed a whole day of cuteness from us!


“She may call herself a catbird, but she doesn’t speak any cat language I’ve ever heard,” said Kelly as the small gray bird released a torrent of songs from a branch of the mulberry tree.


One of my goals with this new site is to find ways to share Facebook content with those who are not on Facebook. I’ll also round up links to stories I’ve shared and include them in another post. If you’re on Facebook, find me at Portraits of Animals.


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