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Daily Photo Reprise: Tortie Sez, “Game Over.” 2011

This is the tortie version of, “Get over it, mom. It doesn’t make sense to get mad at the computer because it doesn’t care what you think. We do. Just pet one of us and everything will be okay.” Last year I had a big pile of work that wasn’t

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From the Archives: Salad Days, Morning in the Garden, 2009

On this day in 2009, Namir watches for critters while Cookie supervises my harvest, or perhaps she’s planning on a sip of my coffee, in the controlled chaos of my garden in springtime. Cookie’s determined expression as she walks toward me means she had been away for “a while” and

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Cats for Adoption: Sweet Scarlett is Ready for a Home

Sweet and petite Scarlett is ready for adoption at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society! I featured Scarlett two weeks ago when I brought her here for a photo opportunity prior to surrendering her to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society through our rescue organization, the Homeless Cat Management Team. She was

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May Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: “Kelly on the Windowsill

I’m thinking of Kelly at this time of the year as Mimi and I enjoy the back yard and the warming days. I had just begun my daily cat sketches in December 2011 and in the spring and early summer of 2012 I sketched Kelly a number of times. This

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Cats for Adoption, Well, Soon: Scarlett and Charm

For almost an hour today we had eight house panthers in residence! Meet Scarlett. She’s a rescued kitty with a story, but isn’t she pretty? She’s petite like Mimi, with a short little nose and little ears. Another cat rescuer who works in an office building on the other side

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From the Archives: The Garden Party, 2009

Cookie and Mimi were probably just enjoying the sun on this day in 2009, but I also appreciated them keeping others’ prying paws from my precious tomato seedlings reaching for the sun on the table by this window. I have no idea what the conversation was about that I interrupted,

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The Cats in My Garden

Years ago, while I was still working in my day job, I also did a fair amount of freelancing in design, art and writing. One place I’d had a few short pieces published was Organic Gardening Magazine in the late 80s and early 90s, mostly concerning gardening but also an

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly in Warm Colors, 2012

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this sketch again. It is a sweet memory, and still one of my favorites, and one through which I still feel a deep bond with Kelly. Because I always hope she feels the warmth of love. I hadn’t set out to do quite this,

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Daily Photo Reprise: Mysterious Kelly, 2011

The sun just came around to this angle again and I remembered Kelly sitting in this spot, waiting for me to come over to pet her. This is the photo I came to identify with A Little Bit About Kelly, little Kelly’s rescue story. Though I took the photo in

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Daily Photo Reprise: Catnip Party, 2011

Three of the girls organize an impromptu catnip party on the sunny landing. Cookie was enjoying the catnip candy cane first, and invited Mimi and Mewsette to take turns biting, licking and rubbing their faces on the upstairs catnip candy cane. Cookie gets her turn. Then it’s time for Mewsette

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