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Daily Photo Reprise: Two-pack, Four-pack, Just As Sweet, 2010

It looks like a two-pack to me, but the girls pack enough sweetness for a four-pack. And remember, Cookie’s original name was “chocolate”, even before it was Chocolate Chip Cookie! She and Kelly each, like most torties, had a lot of chocolate tones in their fur. These are a two-pack

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Daily Photo Reprise: Something in the Geraniums, 2011

Cookie never ceased to amaze me…from November 2011. I finally carried my geraniums inside this weekend with the warning of freezing temperatures, and look what I discovered in one of them! A Cookie! She was probably cold and drawn to the lamp, which is nice and warm. Mind you, she

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Daily Photo Reprise: Who’ll Stop the Rain? 2011

On a rainy November afternoon in 2011, Cookie was so unhappy with the cold wet rain that she decided to make fun of my habit of quoting lyrics and titles from  pop songs. I’m not sure which of us was acting more absurd: her for wandering around in the rain,

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Winter Tips for Pets Outdoors

Even wild animals who live exclusively outdoors need protection in this weather, so of course pets who go outdoors even for just a walk need special care; community cats need shelter, food and unfrozen water.


Commissioned Portrait: Steeler

This portrait is a very special tortoiseshell kitty named Steeler, who I actually had the chance to meet just one time. This portrait was a surprise gift to Steeler’s human, in memory of Steeler. Here is a little of the story of Steeler and her person. Though Steeler and her

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Daily Photo Reprise: I’m NOT an Antique! 2010

For your information, I’m sitting here in the antique shop window because I’m WORKING, I’m NOT FOR SALE! I may be a senior kitty, but that only means I should get respect, not jokes! Why doesn’t somebody move this duck?! Cookie went to work in the shop with me yesterday

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Daily Photo Reprises: Laps Full of Cats

It’s been a constant parade of cats on my lap, from my tortie girls to a few black cats to both tortie and black cats together. How do I get anything done? Well…


Daily Photo Reprise: I Thought I’d Make the Bed, 2011

Every day it’s a race to get upstairs before they do so I can flip up the sheet and quilt and cover the pillows. Why? I just like it that way. Gone are the days when I used to do this as soon as I got up; I just don’t

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Daily Photo Reprise: Studio Cats Working Hard

Bean takes advantage of all the color-balanced lights to make certain his little white thong is sparkling clean. I have different uses for my studio accommodations and all the lights I’ve installed, but on a cool rainy day I’m outnumbered in there. Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine permitted me a

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Daily Photo Reprise: National Yarn Day

What is sweeter than a senior tortie cat sleeping on a freshly-finished shawl? As someone who has been a yarn or threadworker for all my life, I can’t pass up National Yarn Day, even though it was yesterday—and my cats celebrate along with me because my family of felines have

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