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Heat Stroke in Cats

How easily can a cat go into heat stroke? More easily than you might think even if they stay indoors and windows are open with fans on during a heat wave. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, the situation can get out of control with a series of circumstances

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Daily Photo: What They Did All Day

I worked in the studio through the afternoon and while I had some supervision at first I guess everyone got tired of me and all my stuff laying around. Later I left the room and looked in my bedroom to see six of them on the bed, the only two

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Daily Photo: Laps Are Nice

Charm has always been friendly and affectionate and liked to be held, but since she found herself free of both kittens and hormones she’s been on the go, making up for lost time, with no time for laps. In the past few days she’s been stepping onto my lap and

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Water for Pets, Wildlife—and People—in Extreme Heat

  Hot weather is miserable, no matter the temperature where your own personal heat tolerance ends. Many people think that since some animals live in the wild and seem to survive, all animals can survive the heat “naturally”. Nothing could be further from the truth for either our pets or

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Daily Photo: Kitten Plot

What do you suppose Theodore is telling Simon? This was actually taken very early on in their time here, from July 2, and it shows how far along these boys have come. Theodore was feeling pretty confident by the morning after he came here, but Simon was still uncertain of

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Daily Photo Reprise: Cookie Picks Her Own Sweet Corn, 2011

If there was any doubt that Cookie liked sweet corn, she proved it wrong every time I brought some into the house, whether it was from my garden or from the market. Last year, I barely had time to remove the salad greens and peppers from the basket before Cookie

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Others’ Fine Felines: Oh, My!

Widget puts all of his whiskers to work in feigned surprise. “Oh, my! You want to photograph me?” But kitties always know how to pose in the best positions and places, especially if the wall behind one is a color complement to one’s furs. Nice to photograph kitties of other

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Daily Photo: A Kitty on My Tree

I looked up from my work and saw—a kitty on my tree! Do you see it? . . . . . . . Posted on Facebook The scene at breakfast this morning, clockwise from top: Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean, Mewsette, Basil, Giuseppe, and Charmee is just stepping in. Mimi and

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Daily Photo: A Day (Mostly) Outside

I practiced a little on Instagram on Tuesday, plus I was able to work on artwork out on my deck for most of the day, so I didn’t want to come back into the (boring) computer, and neither did Mimi. Good morning from the backyard. Mimi is on her improvised

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Daily Photo: Good Morning

I posted this on Facebook because I couldn’t wait to share it. Not bad for a photo I took and played around with before I even got out of bed! Nice way to awaken the creative senses on a Monday, and about 15 seconds of muted sunlight. It’s rare that

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