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Daily Photo: That Looks Good

What is that you’re eating? It looks really good. Can we have some? Mimi is very stolid when she’s asking for something. She knows I see her and I know she’s interested. No need for dramatics. Not so her son. Giuseppe is all kinds of cute, making chirping noises and

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Daily Photo: Handsome

Smokie has been learning to pose too. My, doesn’t he know what to do with his tail? And those amber eyes! I just went into my bedroom to get a frame I have stored in there but Smokie was just irresistible on the bed. I thought I’d gotten the photo

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Daily Photo: Modeling in Monochrome

It’s not quite monochromatic, but close. Bella and the mahogany headboard and window muntins are nearly the same color while the bedspread and light from outside the window are both nearly white. Lots of nice repeated curve shapes. And of course, the centerpiece is Bella. But Bella wasn’t happy with

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A Sympathy Card for Rescues, Featuring Kennedy

Those bristly whiskers and gaunt face, copper eyes with a cataract, bent legs, stiff spine, who could forget any of Kennedy’s battle scars? But mostly, who could forget the part that was just him: happy, full of love and friendship, despite his pain and his past as you clearly see

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Daily Photo: Why Are You Bothering My Sunshine?

Mimi was actually dozing on the warm windowsill and I did awaken her with my clumsy coming up the steps. Humans are so loud, even in slippers. After some time of me standing there she opened her eyes. Certainly not to look at me, though that did happen, and I

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Daily Photo: Find Your Own Bed

I stripped the bed to change it and it was suddenly irresistible. The only place to sleep was on the clean bedspread that hadn’t even been spread on the bed yet. Would you brave these four expressions to not only move them but completely undo their little world? They are

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Daily Photo: Sunworshipper

I took way too many photos of Smokie in the sun here not to use a few different ones. Here I was trying to capture all the shadows splayed on the top of the wardrobe from the lace curtain, Smokie’s profile and the window, but keep the focus on Smokie’s

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Daily Photo: Same Day, Different Stories

Bella and Jelly Bean were having a parallel experience this afternoon on the wardrobe at the top of the stairs. I’m sure their stories of their experiences would be so different one would think the were in a different time and place as Bella focused on the squirrel in the

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A Year Later: Two Special Rescues

It’s hard to believe only a year has gone by since I had the chance to meet and photograph a very special rescue couple—Frankencat and Old Grand Dad. I’d posted this photo a few days before the article because I just couldn’t wait to share it, and that alone received

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It’s My Birthday!

Who’s the big girl today? Well, we kind of figure it’s just about her birthday, maybe a little bit past, we’re not sure, but it would be right around now. It’s nice to have a spring birthday so today is the day, so that the coming of spring itself doesn’t

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