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Daily Photo: Catnip Tea?! 2013

You made tea out of perfectly good catnip? And what’s worse: YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL STASH OF CATNIP? I can’t believe you would betray us this way—a jar full of the best leaf in the house, and you keep it to yourself, and you make TEA?! . . .

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Daily Photo: Not Socially Sharing My Box

The air fairly crackles with tension as silly, innocent Jelly Bean steps into a box that has obviously been claimed by Mr. Sunshine, who was in no mood to share. Then Bean had the audacity to just stand there and be nice and polite, which really made Sunshine mad because

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Daily Photo: Keeping Our Tails Crossed

We normally roll with whatever the weather brings because if we don’t like it, we just need to wait a few minutes and it will be different. But after this winter we are really done with cold and snow and we were ready for all the windows to be open

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Daily Photo: Dishtowel

“For maximum effect, seat yourself geographically centered in the stack of clean, folded dishtowels.” Everyone knows that a cat should not sit right on a surface if possible, and even the lift of a single sheet of paper is acceptable, mataining its neat, precise shape even during a bath. However,

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Adopted! Salem and Sabrina

They proved irresistible to their rescuer who decided to formally adopt the girls! That’s also known as a “foster failure”, but there’s no failure when animals find a loving forever home. Their rescuer, Tarra Baranski, spends nearly each weekend trapping stray and feral cats and getting them to spay/neuter clinics

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Daily Photo: Easy Sunday With a Rainbow

We had a nice warm day with windows open and now and then sun with breezes. Jelly Bean and Giuseppe cuddle cheek to cheek on the wardrobe at the top of the stairs, breezes wafting in from the open window, up the stairs and from the other rooms on the

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Daily Photo Reprise: Imitation is…2013

Giuseppe tries a “Mr. Sunshine” move since it gets his brother so much attention… Are you going to turn our faucet on? Look at poor Jelly Bean, he’s desperate for even just one single drop. All of you just had drinks at your fountain in the kitchen. We’ve been waiting

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Daily Photo: Now, and Then, Some Things Never Change, 2008, 2014

The other day I photographed a wonderful series of black cats with lace curtain (and beginning a sketch along with them) as well as Mewsette and Mimi in one of their two-level wrestling matches, Mewsette on the wardrobe and Mimi plotting behind the lace curtain. Later I went digging through

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Daily Photo Reprise: I’ll Give You Three Seconds to Get Your Paw Off of Me…2012

“I’ll give you three seconds to get your filthy paw off of me.” “Oh, come on, little brother, I don’t mean anything by it. Ha, ha, ha.” “ONE.” “You’re so touchy, you need to chill, lil’ bubba.” “TWO.” “So what are you going to do to me little guy? You

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From the Archives: Mewsette and Sunshine, 2008

From this date in 2008, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine look like a big pretzel on the bed, nine months old, less than half the size the two are now. Mewsette is slightly larger than Sunshine and she was very much a nanny, giving her brothers baths all the time. That’s

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