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Seven Years Old!

HAPPY SEVENTH BIRTHDAY to Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine, Mewsette and Jelly Bean! They are enjoying a scattering of treats on the table—before breakfast! I have plenty of group photos of them on other days, but I always like to get a group photo on THE day, something different each year, and

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Others’ Fine Felines: Frankencat Today

What a handsome kitty! So graceful and dignified, and confident. This is a recent photo of Frankencat which his person Heather Long recently shared on Facebook. Who would know his beginnings from looking at this photo? Not only is he an incredible cat every moment of the day, but he’s

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An Update on Kennedy

It’s time to catch up with things! Kennedy had his exam on Wednesday and most of the news was good. He had blood tests and another chest/abdominal X-ray along with a lot of consultation. But it all looks as if he’s got some time left here, possibly quite some time,

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Wordless Wednesday: Hot

Click here to vote for in the Petties. Best Cat Blog Best Blog Post Best Video Post Read more about the Petties in this post. Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not

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Daily Photo: Out the Door

I only heard rustling and never saw the critter that held five black cats’ complete physical and emotional attention. Even though you can only see four sets of ears Jelly Bean is in the shadows and no matter how many photos I took I couldn’t get the silhouettes of five

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Daily Photo: Oh, the Indignity

“What I don’t put up with to be rescued.” Dr. Michelle stopped by to give Kennedy a little acupuncture to help with his uneven appetite and a few other issues. He is a very happy cat and loves any attention including things like taking temperatures and getting fluids, but this

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Daily Photo: Easy Sunday, Table Grapes Style

Giuseppe and Sunshine have found the purr-fect box and are unable to move from it, the box is so purr-fect. It’s going to be a really easy Sunday. Below is how they typically start out. The Four often pair off, sometimes Mimi comes with me and sometimes she settles in

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Daily Photo: The Wanderer

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long, but Kennedy has been here a little over a month. He hasn’t shown signs of carrying in any contagious viral illnesses and passed his FeLV/FIV test when he was rescued; if he’d encountered these in the days before he came here his

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Daily Photo: The Third Cat

Two cats are happily napping on the bed in the afternoon. Oh, wait! There are three? Where is that third cat? Oh, I see! It’s that lump under the quilt! Giuseppe had to get his under-the-covers nap even though it’s not at all cold, quite pleasant, and not only that

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Daily Photo Reprise: Five for Dinner, Please, 2013

From a year ago today! Someone was glad to see me come home after a long day! Mostly because they wanted dinner, but they performed so nicely for their food. They rarely line up on the cabinet anymore, but when they do they neatly line up in order of size

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