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Daily Photo: A Long Day and a Kitty Belly

What’s that you say Mama Bernadette? You had a long day? Some things went wrong and took more time than you thought? We did notice you were gone for quite some time. So what’s a “mailing”? What’s that about your customer? Four hours sorting envelopes to put them in the

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Daily Photo: Easy Sunday With Giuseppe As Pillow

Mewsette and Bean use their brother as a pillow for a long afternoon nap after a very tiring weekend, for me at least. Kitty bellies do make good pillows, I’ll agree with that. If it’s your purring sibling it must be like heaven. . . . . . . .

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Poem for Sunday: Overheard in a Thrift Shop

This was a conversation between two people which I overheard, secretly taking notes, as I was browsing the overcrowded racks of a local thrift shop after dropping off some dishes for donation. The rhythm of a conversation between two people who know each other well and working in tandem, in

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Daily Photo: Am I Cute Enough?

Bean practices his utter cuteness by stopping me in my tracks as I walk through a doorway. A great way to enter the weekend! . . . . . . . What other photos did I feature around this date? Maximum Capacity One-and-one-half Cats, 2013 In terms of actual physics,

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From the Archives: August 21, 2007

On this date seven years ago…Jelly Bean and Giuseppe were cuddled on the bath rug for a little nap at nearly four weeks old. And here they are today…cuddled for a nap on the wardrobe. . . . . . . . And in other activities seven years ago…Mewsette met

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My Studio Assistants, Supervisors and Inspirations

What would I do without the assistance, guidance and support—and inspiration—of my family of felines? We’ve been busy lately preparing for my upcoming exhibit as well as making several custom orders and packaging orders and shipping them out. So this week, instead of featuring a new product, I’m featuring the

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Wordless Wednesday: Self-reflection

Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication. If you are interested in

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Daily Photo: Got That Brother Trained

Mewsette purrs and appears smug as Mr. Sunshine diligently cleans behind her ears. That brother learned well. . . . . . . . What other photos did I feature around this date? Kitchen Snoopervisors, 2013 I have no idea why they were watching me so intently at the sink,

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Daily Photo Reprise: Black Cat Keyboard Rest, 2013

I’ve discovered an interesting new product—a warm and purring black cat keyboard rest for any keyboard. Kit comes with two black cats who sleep all day on your desk or countertop, raising your keyboard to a convenient height. Cats are strategically placed so that you can rest the heels of

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Daily Photo: You’ll Just Have to Stand

Mewsette and Giuseppe have occupied my chair, either or both, for days. I’ve been preparing for my upcoming art exhibit and they know that’s a lot of work, and if I sit down I might not get it all done. So, I saw even standing at my drafting table because

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