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Daily Sketch Reprise: All Day Nap, 2013

At this angle, there wasn’t much to distinguish these two, only the stray ear or whiskers. Mewsette and Jelly Bean have been cuddling on the table by the window for days on end, having magnificent all-day naps. Today was very overcast so the light was dim and there wasn’t much

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Daily Photo: Bella Studio

What would I do without my studio cats watching over every detail of what I do, and often being very artful and inspiring in their own right? Bella means beautiful after all. I can forgive the cat hairs on the mat. . . . . . . . What other

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September Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: “Evening in the Cat Book Library”

Even though I sketched this in February, it is so autumnal and seasonal with all those muted earth tones along with bright leaf colors—and it has BOOKS! Just right for going back to school, or back to work after vacation, or just getting back to things after all the summer

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Daily Photo: Posing on the Rocker

Mimi and I are still exploring this “rocker” photo opportunity in the back yard. We’re not sure what we want, but we find new wisdom each time. I’d placed it there when cleaning off my deck in May this year and enjoyed watching the foliage grow up around it, and

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Daily Sketch Reprise: The Twist, 2014

Mewsette twists this way and that in the fervor of her bath. She knows she is modeling. Something interesting I’ve noticed about my sketches—they have grown larger over time. I started out with tiny sketches, some only 2″ x 4″, on 8″ x 10″ paper, now I fill up all

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Daily Photo: Charmee Feeling Groovy

In honor of Charm’s adoption, I knew I’d never had the chance to use these photos but decided to save them for a special occasion, and this is it. Silly Charm! She knew she looked good in the basket no matter what she was doing! I love the tortie paw

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Charm Goes Home

Charm made the best of a number of bad situations in her short life, and now she can make the best of a really good situation, for the rest of her life. Yesterday, in the middle, literally, of all the hustle of my show and the event, I came home

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Perhaps the Storm is Finally Over, 2015

Hurricane Katrina, Namir, a household of cats and realizing a lot about love after multiple losses. Celebrating Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day with fellow blogger Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection. I originally posted this article on August 30, 2009, and each year since I’ve posted it on the

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From the Archives: Rescued, 2014

A year ago today the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society sent out a request to our rescue for anyone who could foster a 14-week-old kitten who was so frightened he couldn’t be examined, was held for assessment and considered unadoptable because of his behavior. The fate of kittens and cats like

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Undecided, 2012

Someone was undecided in this sketch, and someone was undecided about it. Bean and Mimi happily bathe each others’ faces after dinner, but Mr. Sunshine just couldn’t decide whether to wash his face, sit down and wash you-know-where, try to be a part of the bathing party next to him

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