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Rescue Story: The August Kitten

In the middle of the night during a July thunderstorm many years ago a couple awoke to hear what sounded like a baby crying outside, and noticed their two cats Percy and Ebi on the windowsill intently watching something. They knew it had to be a cat, but on investigation

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Rescue Story: Baxter, Back from the Edge

Finally, Baxter has found a new home! One of those bitter sweet moments when fostering. Will miss him, but so happy too. Love you buddy, hope your mom is smiling from heaven and approves of your new dad. . . . . . . . In February 2013 I shared

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portraits: The Cat of a Lifetime

IF YOU’LL ONLY BE ABLE to share your life with one cat, then finding a cat like Sherman is truly finding the cat of a lifetime. And their attachment was so profound they couldn’t decide on one final image of Sherman, but decided to go for two. . . .

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The Alchemy of Love

ANOTHER REASON WHY I celebrate Peaches and her painting, “Peaches and Peonies” during the month of May. The original version of this article, written in 2011 as I was putting the finishing touches on my studio and ready to hang”Peaches and Peonies” where it is today, won a Certificate of

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Cookie Goes to Work

I never knew how much fun work could be. I work here all day long providing vigilant protection and comfort to my mom, but I’ve never worked outside our home, even though I’ve sat right by the door with the look no one could mistake, letting my mom know that

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Rescue Story: All for Alli

A 16-YEAR-OLD ABANDONED CAT with intestinal issues and other apparent illnesses—who would spend the time and money on her when so many other cats are in need? But two rescuers could not turn their backs on sweet and affectionate Alli regardless of the issues she arrived with. . . .

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A Long-ago Foster

AS WE ENCOUNTER cats who need homes, we find some of them only need a little help—or, technically, their human does. People’s lives change, sometimes beyond their control, and sometimes in ways they can control more easily if someone were to lend them a hand. A number of the cats

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Rescue Story Reprise: A Little Bit About Kelly

JUST ABOUT two years ago to the day I looked at Kelly and decided her story needed to be told for my Tuesday rescue story. I remember, just two weeks after we’d lost Cookie, Kelly and I were finally feeling comfortable with being at our desk without her, Kelly settling

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Oh Very Young…

From a few years ago, when Mewsette struggled to understand why she couldn’t be part of the “senior kitty lunch special”, just as she does today when I’m in the kitchen preparing Emeraude’s meals. . . . . . . . Mmmm, that smells good! Can I have some? No,

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Muse Medallions and a Special Award in the CWA Communications Contest

Now that I’ve been there and back, I’m pleased to report that I’ve won two Muse Medallions in the 2013 Cat Writers’ Association Communications Contest, and I am also honored to have won a huge special award. You can read a bit about my visit to the conference on Friday

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