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Daily Sketch: No Room for Mimi

Another iteration of “Perfect Fit” from earlier today, but this time not such a purrfect fit because there was no room for Mimi on the chair. Giuseppe in green and Bean in blue had taken the entire seat, and though she politely hopped up and tucked herself in the corner

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Decorate Your Garden With Feline-themed Garden Flags

Now that spring is finally here and the ground has thawed, I can move my garden flags around. I’m so glad to see all the color with the flags waving gently in the spring breezes, and I’ve slowly added decorations and flowers. Mimi is sure if she shows you how

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Kitty Things: A Pretty Window, and Some Memories

I knew I’d like this shop when I parked outside and saw this window from the outside, then when I talked to the owner and saw it from the inside with the sun shining though I liked the window and the shop even more. A big old brick home with

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Their Faces in the Sun, 2013

Mimi and Mewsette settled in the sun from the window on the landing, both of them enjoying the wash of the warm light on their faces as the shadows crept up over their backs. Often, big soft Mewsette settles somewhere and soon I see little Mimi tucked up against her,

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Daily Sketch Reprises: Spring Window, 2013 and Resting, Spring Afternoon, 2012

Mimi quietly settled on the windowsill in the studio on a sunny late afternoon, when the sun is best. I worked a simple, kind of abstract version of her contentedly watching out the window, the calming blue and purple and green showing in her fur, the bright yellow and pale

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Daily Sketch: Napping With Colors in Mind

Giuseppe must surely be absorbing some of the colors of the pens in my pen cup. I certainly thought the colors were inspiring next to Giuseppe’s black fur! Because he was sleeping I had the time to get more detail on his face than usual. . . . . .

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Daily Sketch Reprise: A Nap With a View, 2013

Giuseppe stretches his long body full length atop the wardrobe from which he can look all around the second floor, down the stairs, and out the second-floor window over the valley on a lovely, though slightly warm, spring afternoon. The light from the mirror partly reflected on him, creatign some

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Mother’s and Father’s Day Portrait and Gift Specials

In everyone’s life is at least one special person who shared a love of animals, and in that person’s life there is often an animal companion who is or was very special to them. Read about Shadow, Casey and Ralph and a special Mother’s Day gift from 2006. Did your

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Daily Sketch: Just Doodlin’, an Interactive Effort

I have to admit this sketch would not have ended up like this if not for the watchful eye and intervening paw of Giuseppe. Sunshine sat on the cabinet in the kitchen thinking lofty thoughts as Mewsette washed her face, a nice enough sketch but Mr. Sunshine moved his head

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Daily Sketch: Cozy Afternoon

The girls were sleeping on the bed on this disappointingly cold afternoon. The boys had been there earlier and torn up the place, burrowing under the bedspread and peeling it back, then leaving it, but Mewsette and Mimi found the wrinkles and folds very nice for sinking into. Green ivy

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