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Daily Sketch: Black and Light

I’ve been thinking about scratchboard for quite some time. It’s a natural with a bunch of black cats, don’t you think? However, I kept insisting that I ink my own boards and I just wasn’t getting around to it. When a saw a package of pre-inked scratchboard sheets on sale,

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Daily Sketch: The Twist

Mewsette twists this way and that in the fervor of her bath. She knows she is modeling. Something interesting I’ve noticed about my sketches—they have grown larger over time. I started out with tiny sketches, some only 2″ x 4″, on 8″ x 10″ paper, now I fill up all

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Love Cats, 2012

Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine were bathing each other on my chair (yet more chair stealing today), and I sketched around, holding my place with my pencils until I caught the moment when, as Mewsette washed her brother’s face, he slipped his paws around her shoulders. That’s sweet enough, but when

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Daily Sketch Reprise: All Lined Up and Waiting for Dinner, 2013

Published on August 22, 2014 in daily sketch

They had to work for their dinner tonight! I went into the kitchen—some time before dinner—and this huge mass of black cats moving around on the cabinet just had to be expressed. It’s a difficult angle because there is little room on either side of the cabinet and they were

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Emeraude, 2013

Yes, it’s Emeraude’s debut as a daily sketch! She loves to sit on the windowsill, but today it was something special, gentle dapples, lots of green, and that lovely curve of her head and her back and her tail. She has the same mahogany tones in her fur as Mimi

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My Studio Assistants, Supervisors and Inspirations

What would I do without the assistance, guidance and support—and inspiration—of my family of felines? We’ve been busy lately preparing for my upcoming exhibit as well as making several custom orders and packaging orders and shipping them out. So this week, instead of featuring a new product, I’m featuring the

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: Percy, Augie and Ebi

SOMETIMES THE SHORTEST lives and the smallest cats leave the biggest pawprints on your heart, and the generosity of people who adopt from shelters and rescue cats off the street is a lifetime habit. . . . . . . . A couple headed for the Animal Rescue League in

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Daily Sketch Reprise: On the Chair, 2013

Why I chose such an awkward angle I’ll never know, perhaps I just wanted a challenge, but I was totally taken by the simplicity of color and shape watching Mewsette settle down on the chair that was pushed under the table. There are other colors in the scene of course,

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Daily Sketch: Mousie in My Shoe, What Am I To Do?

Mr. Sunshine was proud to come to my rescue and very pleased with himself that the entire time he kept close watch over the mousie, it never moved once. He doesn’t know I know he put the mousie in my shoe. That’s okay. . . . . . . .

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Caturday Art: Sketchy

I took a sweet but very typical photo of Jelly Bean and Mewsette napping on my desk, one of a series I’d used, and did a little filtering and coloring to see what came up. I had actually wanted a totally different filter that looked like embossed paper, but too

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