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Daily Sketch Reprise: Purring Points

It’s a wonder I get out of bed with treatment like this. Every healing discipline has its healing points on the body. My cats certainly know mine. I sleep on my stomach, and when I awoke I could feel them all lined up on me from top to bottom. Because

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Thank You For Helping Countess Through Art for Assistance

With the help of donors, an online auction of goods and gift cards and Art for Assistance, the $1,000 goal for Countess’s current veterinary bills and appointment with the veterinary cardiac specialist is met and exceeded! A total of $1,160 came in through GoFundMe, where all the donations were collected.

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Colorful Kelly

This sketch totally surprised me—I’d never done a thing like it before. Inspired by Kelly awaking from a nap on my desk I’d been about to try out these watercolor pencils while she was sleeping. I discovered that what I thought was black was navy blue and decided to go

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Daily Sketch: Three Black Cats on White

Yesterday, when Mimi gave me the hairy eyeball about drawing her on black paper, I instead used the black paper to draw her children, and this is the sketch. They spent the whole morning tucked together on this one spot on the kitchen floor. What was so special about that

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Evening in the Cat Book Library

I’ve been waiting for this one to come around again! Bean washes his face while Giuseppe surveys the room, sitting in the cat book library. In my office downstairs I have the triple dresser I’d mentioned in our last family portrait that holds my collection of cat books. It’s a

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Impression, Cat Rolling in Sun

Giuseppe was having such a good time in the sun this morning rolling frantically back and forth and grabbing his tail that I had to try to sketch him, first in red conté, then adding some brown to try to clarify, then black to clarify further, but I’m still not

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A “Feline Style Sampler” Book of My Art Samples

I love to use selections from my portfolio of artwork to gather into a collection of some sort, finding a theme and then a likely way to present the collection, like my calendars. In my “inspiration collection” I have calendars and art and photography books on all subjects that I

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March Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: Black and Light

I’ve been planning to use this art as a monthly calendar since I created it last August. But when I associate most of the months with colors, when would be the best time? Late winter/early spring, I decided, after we’d moved past the lovely January light and winter sun to

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Rescue Story and Art for Assistance: Countess

“Countess has a broken heart,” says this calico’s rescuer and adopter. “…and she’s only 6 months old. This adorable little girl was born with her four littermates to a mother who is a feral cat. I rescued them, cared for them and fostered them…..but Countess always stood out from the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Quiet Sunday

A dark and quiet Sunday afternoon led to long, still naps in the shadows of the afternoon bedroom. Jelly Bean uses Giuseppe as a pillow, which Sunshine curls in a tight ball by the pillows. Needless to say, I didn’t really have to hurry to catch this one—they really weren’t

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