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Daily Sketch: Pinwheels, A Nap on the Quilt

Mewsette and Bean were completely relaxed on the purple and white pinwheel quilt in my bedroom for the afternoon. Lucky them. I liked their silhouettes, but I also liked it when Bean turned and looked at me. I initially visualized this in colored pencil, but then tended toward watercolor pencil

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Daily Sketch Reprises: You’ll Have to Step Over Me and Two Blue Cats

Cats laying in doorways, an age-old problem. What to do? Draw them! There was originally another kitty with Mr. Sunshine but he left, and then the phone rang, so if it looks a little unfinished, it is, but I like the loose quality. . . . . . . .

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: A Portrait in Oranges

DO YOU KNOW your veterinarian’s pets? I do, and early in my career had the honor of painting portraits of her cats and her dogs, all rescues. Each had their story, and it was wonderful to know that my veterinarian felt the same abut rescuing animals as I did. This

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Daily Sketch: Naps

We’ve been fortunate to have a temperate summer so far, but today it was just plain hot and humid. Jelly Bean was happy to have the entire top of the wardrobe at the top of the stairs by the open window all to himself. Some air circulates there and it’s

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Daily Sketch: Kennedy, and a Benefit Auction

I just couldn’t pass up sketching Kennedy in this pose. He looks at me like this so often, and I have so many photos of him, that it was another image that stayed with me until I decided what medium I really wanted to use. I had wanted to use

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The Artist’s Life: Painting Cats

I regularly post my pastel artwork on the group page for the Pastel Society of America. I love this group and derive so much inspiration from seeing new member art all day long, every day. When I first joined I posted only my landscapes and florals, but was thrilled to

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Daily Sketch: Three Cats

The boys were hanging out in the kitchen, settling into some interesting arrangements. Any one of them would have made a fine line sketch, but I was picturing them as all in one line, as in a line on the paper, starting at the tip of one tail to the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Nap on the Box, 2012

Mewsette and Mimi were looking quite sweet on the box this morning, while the box is losing its loft as the to is caving in from the weight of so many cats. I thought I’d give them a nice cool blue background in hopes it would keep them feeling cool

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Hand-printed “Tabbies” Summer Notecards

These cards must be purr-fect for Mewsette supervises the printing! In this case it’s my block-printed “Tabbies” notecards! Bright-colored card stock and bright-colored inks, I’ve been having fun experimenting with the “Tabbies” series in different styles and colors. Above is the “Brights” set, 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ note cards printed on

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Lounging on the Dishtowels, 2012

They were clean, but I didn’t fold them fast enough. Mr. Sunshine is very pleased with his ingenuity. He is also daring me to move him. I think I’d rather sketch what I see. . . . . . . . Pink and Green, 2013 Giuseppe in front and Mewsette

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