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Those Large Original Paintings

For how much I write about Peaches and how much art she inspired, it’s hard to believe she was only with me for five years. Five years! Out of her 20 years, and I’m sure she had much more to tell from those other 15, she was such a pretty

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Commissioned Portraits: A Quartet of Sketches

I had a wonderful little “family of pets” commission last year: a series of four small charcoal/pencil sketches of three long-haired black cats and one long-haired silver tabby. I rarely get the chance to create a simple sketch as a portrait and the idea of creating four was exciting. We

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Rescue Story: What Are The Chances?

Published on April 14, 2015 in rescue stories

On a nasty cold and rainy late winter night I went to visit a friend, traveling local streets to the interchange with the interstate highway. There wasn’t much other traffic and the area around the interchange had few houses and just the pinkish sodium-vapor lights familiar along highways. I traveled

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Garden Flags With Mimi

Here’s a little more Mimi art for your Sunday, and while she is feeling overall well it can’t hurt to bring her some more good feelings by sharing things she’s inspired, like these garden flags featuring art inspired by her just being herself. Mimi is very well represented among my

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Spring Morning, 2014

What a coincidence—I did this sketch a year ago today, and guess who is the subject? I’ve been intending to share this sketch from last year all week just to share some artwork of Mimi and give her a little boost of creative attention and energy. This sketch was actually

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Feline Photo Frames and More

Something entirely new! As I browse shops and online stores and see products with feline-themed art I can always picture my art on those things. I take the idea home and work it out in my studio. This month I’ve tried out a few wooden photo frames and wood panels

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April Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: “Spring”

Years ago a patron of a gallery in Carnegie where I hung my artwork asked me to paint four images for a very special frame she had. It had been designed and handmade in wood by her father-in-law, long and narrow, and had four openings, each 12″ high by 24″

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Daily Sketch: Together

Mimi took my seat in the studio, then Bean settled on the seat with her. They were curled almost like yin and yang but not quite, since yin was so much smaller. But still I could see the flow of shapes between them. I like a nice single varied line,

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Cat-eating Bag, 2014

That nasty bag is devouring my cats again, the same one that tried to swallow Mimi whole last week. Mr. Sunshine got out safely, but not before I sketched him. It was another case of pulling artwork out of the bag  to put away and leaving it standing in place

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Daily Sketch: A Tiny Moth

We’ve had an outbreak of tiny little moths in the house that flutter and don’t seem to get anywhere, they hover in the air and would seem easy to catch, but they are frustratingly elusive. This has proved to be an important catification exercise in stalking, leaping pouncing, and running

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