So Much for the Apple Crisp

tortoiseshell cat in enamel pan
Cookie in the fruit crisp pan.

I set my favorite enamel pan for fruit crisps on the table, and Cookie immediately stepped into it and did her thing, fitting herself into it at different angles, having a little bath, then finally having a nap. The pan meets her exacting specifications.

This position came after a few other tests, such as the first and most obvious fit. This left too much room in some areas and was therefore unsatisfactory.

tortoiseshell cat in baking pan
Cookie's first attempt at fitting into the pan.

One of the most important tests of any pan is whether or not one can bathe in it. Apparently this pan passes the test as Cookie gave herself a full bath.

tortoiseshell cat bathing in pan
It's adequate for bathing.

“Could you just leave me alone to have my nap now?”

tortoiseshell cat napping in pan

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