From the Archives: Autumn Sun, 2008

photo of cat on windowsill
Autumn Sun

A series reminiscent of yesterday’s Sunny Morning, same window opening but totally different bathroom as well as a different cat.

Kelly lazily observes something high up the sunny window as the sun’s warmth both shines and reflects on her, from 2008. The light is so warm and the various patterns of hammered glass in the window create a feeling of seclusion and solitude, and all these reasons drew Kelly to this window regularly in all her years here.

You’ve seen the new window in many photos and sketches, but this is what it looked like before my bathroom renovation; indeed, the steel-frame casement window was quite ready to be replaced as I tried in earnest to paint over rust on the muntins and keep the window panes in place with glazier’s putty. Years of the siding chalking down onto the outside of the glass had left frosted areas on the outside. But in a photo like this all the details of the disrepair only add to the interest, and ironically it even matches Kelly’s tortoiseshell coloring. Early on in photographing my cats and other subjects I would never have shown this because I would have been embarrassed for my housekeeping, of all things! But I like the rough, weathered look and saw details like this in photos by others. Along with Kelly herself it’s part of the familiarity that makes it look like home.

Below is a close up of Kelly with her head in a resting position, soft in a near-silhouette. I loved it when Kelly was relaxed.

photo of cat on windowsil
Autumn Sun 2

And one more shot, nearly the whole window with tiny little Kelly in the corner, a feline silhouette in an old window with the old sun of autumn.

photo of cat on windowsill
Autumn Sun 3

After I lost Cookie and Kelly in 2012 I began reposting images from previous years as they come around on the calendar just to keep new readers and current readers up on the members of my feline household and to continue to enjoy photos that were popular. But in 2012 I discovered that in the three years I’ve been posting on The Creative Cat I hadn’t posted anything at all on October 1. Today is October 2, but yesterday was non-stop with work and chasing cats, so I planned to share these today, along with ones of Cookie as well. As I said then, rather than let you go an entire day without your dose of multiple cat photos, and because I knew there were a few nice ones in the archives, I posted this series of photos, and began regularly posting photos from the digital image archives in addition to the ones I’ve posted from the vintage film archives.

In black and white

I do love the subtle colors in these photos—they are what give the photos their warm feeling, and I love remembering Kelly’s amber and tan spots. But these are also the sorts of scenes I love in black and white—contrasty, detailed, plenty of different patterns. So here they are below in black and white, still a sweet memory of Kelly.

cat on windowsill
Autumn Sun 3
cat on windowsill
Autumn Sun 2
cat on windowsill
Autumn Sun, black and white.

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  • October 2, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    It’s nice to look at old pictures.
    Often the memories make us smile as we remember what was going on that day.
    Sometimes, they are just nice pictures to enjoy.


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