Fans of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation

Feline urns at chartiers custom pet cremations
Two of the ceramic urns offered at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation

Hmmm. What could a cremation service offer through social networking, you ask?

Plenty! On a daily basis, Deb Chebatoris offers resources for your pet’s health and well-being, gifts for yourself or a bereaved friend, reading and website suggestions for your information and comfort, a comforting voice on the phone, and compassion to her circle of families who have lost their pets. It’s a lot more than simply the business that none of us likes to think about.

But the way Deb has organized her business encourages us to think about this openly and honestly, and to remember our cherished companions with the same love and affection we felt in their lifetimes. What better place than a blog and Facebook to share with people?

Deb and I are what I call “co-customers”. Initially, I sought her out when I knew I’d be losing my Moses late in 2005. I so appreciated meeting this gentle smiling person who invited me into the quiet, comforting “living room” of her shop that my fears of handing over my precious Moses were allayed. I knew she would treat Moses with love and respect.

She told me that she recognized my name, and we realized that she had seen several of my portraits in the homes of other of her families. A bond was formed with our mutual respect for each others’ work and our love for animals.

I lost five cats in the next 18 months, including Moses. Knowing Deb was there for me and my kitty each time was a comfort I could never have imagined possible.

In the course of that time she became my customer as well, I began assisting her with her website, with publicity, and with photographing her shop and the urns she carries. You can read more in “Options for After-care” from “Pet Loss in the First Person“.

Persons who choose to work in animal care are not looking at an illustrious career of great wealth and fame. Deb left a very responsible well-paid career as a health care administrator to follow this goal of helping people who love pets and making a difference in the world. I truly respect that decision and enjoy my part in helping her do this.

We’ve been building her website and considering how best to serve her families, and after my own forays into social networking I told Deb that she could be such an asset to the animal community that she had to do this.

Because Deb is either in the car transporting pets or engaged in her business, I’ll be assisting her with blog and Facebook postings. I’m really going to enjoy this new assignment.

Here are the links to Deb’s website, blog and Facebook page. Please welcome a friend to the community, visit, bookmark, sign up, fan, whatever, and we welcome your comments.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation website:

Animus, the blog of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation:

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation on Facebook:

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