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Home black cats Daily Photo: Visitors

Daily Photo: Visitors

woman with cat

Giuseppe gives Judi some tech support.

We’ve had several important visitors recently, and the Five have discharged their duties as guardians of the household and supervisors of all activity with absolute excellence. Above, Giuseppe assists Aunt Judi with some laptop issues. Below, Judi greets Mimi and Bean on the rocker as soon as she enters, and Mr. Sunshine gives his approval of her by leaning on her shins and ceremoniously placing one of his hind paws on top of one her feet—and I thought I was the only one who had earned that distinction!

woman with cat

Judi greets Mimi and Bean while being approved by Sunshine.

After a job well done Giuseppe tucks his large self into the crook of Judi’s arm; it was meant for him.

woman with cat

Giuseppe cuddles with Judi.

“We like visitors,” Giuseppe says just before he falls asleep. Judi is Judi Stadler, owner of Carnegie Antiques and human to Holly of “Holly on the Rocker” and a number of other rescued cats as well; we were working on her website.

woman with cat

Giuseppe has worked hard and is ready for a nap.

Dr. Michelle stopped by to visit the Five, and to purchase a print. She was greeted by everyone, and even brought a gift which was immediately put to use along with the quality organic catnip—imagine, a catnip party in the middle of the afternoon!

five black cats

Afternoon delight.

Then first she made a nice soft bed for Mr. Sunshine…

woman with cat

Dr. Michelle is kept under control by Sunshine

…and when a nap with his brothers called him away, Mimi announced that Dr. Michelle’s lap now belonged to her…

woman with cat

Mimi announces her arrival.

…just right for a thorough bath and a good nap. Dr. Michelle Elgersma is the mobile veterinary acupuncturist who visited Emeraude and Lakota.

woman with cat

Mimi had a good nap.

And the Five are not happy that their human forgot to document a visit from Aunt Amby a while back—and this woman is important! She lives with Angus and Donal, two of Mimi’s other sons, Lucy’s brothers and half-brothers to the Fantastic Four!

woman with cat

Amby with Sunshine and Giuseppe.


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4 Responses

  1. Felt very welcome. It was tough getting my coat back. It did make a great bed.

  2. So good to see that all you kitties made your guests feel welcome :)
    Great pics.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

    • Years ago I had customers come to my house to drop off design and typesetting work and my cats were in heaven–they waited by the door! Now it’s unusual so they shove each other out of the way to get the person. I love sharing them, Georgia and Julie!


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