Daily Photo: Three Cat Day

three black cats
My Three Supervisors.

So instead of a three dog night, where you need three dogs to help you stay warm on a cold night, it was a three cat day where I needed three cats to keep me focused. The boys occupied my desk all day draped around and over each other in various combinations and positions of ultimate comfort, but on hand to be certain I stayed with my task. When they lined up, it was too much. Initially, Mr. Sunshine had his hind paws and tail in the same position as Bean and Giuseppe. With faces like that, could you misbehave?

Mimi had been in the mix, but her sons can be big clods sometimes and she is petite, so she moved atop the shelf behind Mr. Sunshine

They’ve been very wonderful.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature on or around this date?


Listen, (oo ah oo…), 2013
two black cats.

From the moment I took this photo I’ve had the Beatles’ song playing in my head, at least the first verse. Now you do too.

I’m not sure what Mewsette was whispering in Jelly Bean’s ear; they kept their conversation well-masked from my understanding. Like teenagers, perhaps, I may not want to know.

. . . . . . .

Kelly Keeping Kool, 2012
tortoiseshell cat on windowsill
Kelly keeping kool.

Cool in temperature, that is. On a nice marble windowsill with a big tree outside the window.

And she doesn’t want me to interrupt her coolness by touching her. Photos are okay.

. . . . . . .

A Rainy Day Together, 2011
four black cats
Four in the Morning

Here’s what we’ve decided to do today, especially since mom is playing around with her computer again.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than being together anyway. Every morning after breakfast and litterbox duty and a little play, we meet at our favorite window to have a communal bath, watch the birds for a little bit and then nap in preparation for the day.

For some reason mom pays lots of attention to us when we do this. You’d think she’d want to leave us alone while we’re napping, but she walks around with her black thing on her face and talks to us. Usually when she talks to us we’ll hurry over to her and give her some love since that seems to be what she wants, but when we are together like this, it’s just the four of us. Mom doesn’t seem to mind.

They really do this nearly every single morning. This is the window in my office, adjacent to my desk which is a corner desk angled in the corner of the room so I can’t miss them—especially when they jump up onto the other end of the desk, parade along the catwalk from that end, in front of me and my computer, and continue around the bend to their favorite spot, this window. For as often as I’ve seen it and photographed it, I can’t stop myself from doing it again, nearly every day.

Today really is very dim and rainy, the big four are dark already and when photographed all together look pretty much like a blob of dark fur with heads though they don’t look like that in real life. I had to adjust the photo an incredible amount to be able to see the detail I actually saw in their fur and faces which does interesting things to the native color in the photo, hence the desaturation and color filter. This is an interpretation of what I see when I look at them.

. . . . . . .

Oh, Mom, These Colors are Soooo 70s, 2010
black cat with paints
Can’t we get some more interesting colors?

Mr. Sunshine rolls his eyes at the box of gouaches as I prepare to work on an illustration.

I admit, they are from my college days, but the primaries and secondaries and black, white and gray are just pretty basic colors. I think he preferred the brighter and fluorescent colors I used to paint Lucy’s illustrations. So did I, but most things start with this palette.

Wow, this was way before the new studio and the daily sketches and everything. Mr. Sunshine got his wish with more interesting colors, that’s for sure.

And Mr. Sunshine certainly turned out to be an art critic.

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  • August 8, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Very Cute…..

  • August 8, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    anda grate fryday two all….ya guys could knot has pur poze lee pozed better !!
    heerz two a grate week oh end with de hopes plentee of smelt & salmon iz on yur plate ♥

    • August 9, 2014 at 12:36 am

      We’re looking forward to a white fish weekend, and possibly a plate of homemade fries! Best of weekends to all of you!


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