Daily Photo: Strewn

four black cats
The Four are strewn across the bed.

I usually head to my studio in the evening after I feed the felines their dinner. On Monday I headed up the stairs and, it being a chilly evening, everyone else headed up there with me. I reported to my studio for work while they one by one settled on the bed for a nap. Lucky cats!

Then suddenly I was fighting with my Dropbox, which had synced all my smartphone photos with both computers, and suddenly I couldn’t open any folders. I had posts written, including this one, but couldn’t access the photos I’d put in my Dropbox to use for them. I managed to resolve the issue, and I’ve been catching up on posts since then, matching up the images with the posts. I’ll still be catching up for a while.

But before they all gathered together for a happy nap, Bean and Giuseppe were the first two on the bed, and goofing off, or Giuseppe was, so I sketched them. Finally I’ll be able to share that sketch! Coming up a little later, below is what they were doing.

two black cats
The pose.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did have I shared around this date?


Maximum Capacity Two-and-one-half Cats, 2103
three black cats
A slightly larger box.

So I did get them a slightly larger box from the last one that only fit one-and-one-half cats, and this time Bean could kind of fit in. In any case, he looks like he’s fitting in. He thinks he’s fitting in. But in reality, and his brothers are a little perturbed…

three black cats
Slightly larger.

. . . . . . .

Mewsette Gets the Message, 2013
black cat with flehmen response
“I don’t believe it!”
Mewsette is shocked, shocked I tell you!
Every once in a while Mewsette comes out onto the patio by the basement door with Mimi and me, especially when I’m hanging laundry. Mimi shows her around, and gave her a lesson about pee-mail.
“You see, just get your nose close to it, and inhale.”
black cat sniffing autumn joy sedum
Mimi demonstrates how to download your pee-mail.
Mewsette stepped over and took a whiff; you can see how much taller she is than Mimi just by where her nose can reach.
black cat sniffing autumn joy sedum
Mewsette gives a good sniff.
“Mama Mimi, what does this mean?!”
“Just take another smell, my daughter, the truth will come to you.”
black cat sniffing autumn joy sedum
Mewsette takes another sniff.
“Is this what boys are like?”
cat with flehmen response
“What did he say?!”
“Only some boys, my pretty Mewsette.”
black cat sniffing autumn joy sedum
Then she sniffs again.
“My brothers aren’t like this!”
black cat with flehmen response
“I don’t believe it!”
“We fixed that, my dear.”

. . . . . . .

Blue Morning, 2012
cats looking out door
At the basement door.

The morning was chilly but we opened the basement door to get a good whiff of it, and to watch the birds fly around, criss-crossing shadows on the door. It was all very exciting, especially the moment a bird landed right outside the door and just sat there.

It’s Mewsette and Jelly Bean and Giuseppe, and this has long been one of my favorite views of my cats, happily engaged in a typical feline activity.

. . . . . . .

Out in the Backyard, 2011
gray and white cat in weeds
Namir stalking through the wilderness.

Namir is stalking through the wild areas in our backyard, looking for some little mammal to kill.

Cookie and I have been out in the yard every morning and sometimes again during the day. Cookie got herself up on the picnic table yesterday while I hung up the laundry, and she sat and quietly looked into this area for quite some time. There are times she does this and I know she’s deep in her tortie cat thoughts, and times when I know she’s remembering our buddy, that gray and white pest and mole killer, Namir. In these moments she may even forgive him for pulling her tail and poking her in the butt, then trotting away, giggling.

I was thinking about him too and how the three of us went outside every morning, so both of us must have sensed him out there. I remembered this photo and thought I’d share it, from me and Cookie.

It also shows we haven’t always been a two-tortie-and-five-black-cat-house!

. . . . . . .

Sleepy, Sleepy, 2011
black cat sleeping
Sleepy, Sleepy

It’s only morning, but Jelly Bean is already snoozing. I think it has to do with the warm sun on a cool morning.

There is something so comforting about that classic curled cat shape.

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cats and kittens
Gallery view of Pittsburgh CAT cats for adoption.

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