Daily Photo: Rescued Kittens


“Humans are okay.”

A whole bunch of hands were in the rescue of two tiny black kittens today, including the sleepy kitten above. Their sleek and slender black mama cat had taken up residence in a person’s back yard and given birth to four kittens. The person convinced them to move into her screened porch, had the momcat spayed and began to socialize the kittens. I picked up the kittens today to deliver to the person who would foster them, but another cat had apparently stolen two of the kittens. When they show up again, I hope I’ll get the chance to pick them up and deliver them to the foster home also.

black kitten in green towel
Not so sure about this.

“Still not sure about humans.”

The kittens were decidedly unwilling to be caught in the screened porch, but the kitten at the top was far easier than this kitten, above. A little hissy and swatty, and quite wily in eluding me around the chairs and tables and boxes, I slowly built a fort of a wooden shelter and boxes around this kitten until it couldn’t escape. Lots of hisses and flailing and only one bite of many that connected with my finger, soon enough both were in the upended carrier with the door slammed shut. Their mom watched it all from a distance.

black cat
Momcat watches me.

Their foster person, Jennifer, is a veterinary technician at The Cat Clinic in Pittsburgh, and has been fostering for a long time. Who better than someone who has specialized in cats for the past six years? She had them out of the carrier, cuddling the friendlier one then handing that kitten to her husband Jeremy who also cuddled the kitten and had the kitten up on his shoulder and walking down his back in no time, while Jennifer wrapped the hissy kitten in the towel that was in the carrier as a restraint and the kitten relaxed a bit.

woman holding two black kittens
Jennifer with the kittens.

The friendlier kitten is going to be a real star. Adapting immediately from roughing it in a screened porch to settling right onto everyone’s shoulders, this kitten already knows how to deliver the cute kitten head tilt that melts humans on the spot. They are four to five weeks old and it will be a while until they are ready for adoption. It’s so good to know that a bunch of people could work together to make sure they don’t have to live their lives outdoors, and I hope we can pull in the other two kittens some time soon. Thanks to the Homeless Cat Management Team and the Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement kittens are rescued every day to foster homes, socialized, spayed or neutered and given a great start in life as we look for homes. Nearly all the cats I feature here were rescued in this same way.

black kitten
I’m sooo cute!

. . . . . . .

I did my best photographing black cats on a dark and drizzly evening! I was caught for once without my camera. I had such a busy day I only had a minute or two to stop in, drop things off, pick things up and leave again, and for some reason I took my camera into the house when I returned from the customer meeting I’d been at before I went to get the kittens. But momcat was just so inspiring—I’ll feature a photo or two more of her in the next few days—that I had to do something. I have a Tracphone, just something to have on hand while I’m driving my 19-year-old car (which is in fine shape) and occasionally getting stuck in Pittsburgh traffic so I can call my customers. I gave myself a crash course in using the camera, took the photos, then tediously emailed them to myself one by one when I got home.

It’s the preamble to getting a SmartPhone, which will take much better photos than these! I resist small devices that strain my hands to hold and small keyboards that strain my fingers and small screens that strain my eyes, so that when I get to my artwork I’m not at my best; I would not do this for just a phone, but for what amounts to a portable computer I’ll do it.

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