Daily Photo Reprise: Five Black Cat Veterinary Supervision Squad, 2013

five black cats looking in doorway
Five Black Cat Veterinary Supervision Squad

“Have to keep an eye on those veterinarians—we know what they like to do to cats!”

They felt the need to protect their senior fur sister, Emeraude, who was being examined in the bathroom by the hospice veterinarian. The veterinarian, however, felt the need to see what she was doing so I tossed each of them up on the wardrobe outside the bathroom door, where they could kind of watch around the corner and in the mirror on the door. They stayed there. They are such good cats, I can never say that often enough.

Emeraude had been diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia the previous November so everyone took good care keeping her warm and comfortable and loved. We kept her feeling well though the disease would slowly progress, and she was happy as a member of our fur family until early February. Read more about Emeraude.

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Daily Photo: The Big Sister and the Violet Mousie, 2015
two black cats with basket and mousie
Bella says “it’s my mousie!”

Bella spent some time with her fur sister instead of lolling about flirting with her fur brothers, and Mewsette doesn’t fall for any such charm. The lesson was “sharing”, something most cats have a little difficulty with.

And the violet mousie has become a regular theme around the house. It’s Bella’s favorite, but I sometimes see that Smokie has stolen it. I also find it in interesting places, on my desk, on my pillow in the morning, at the top of the stairs, and sometimes Bella drifts by and sets it down where I’m working, as she did on my keyboard the other day. We now have a game, of course, “where’s the violet mousie?” It eventually shows up.

Below Mewsette decides to take action when Bella doesn’t offer her mousie to Mewsette.

two black cats with basket and mousie
“But I want to play with it!” says Mewsette.

And because I have several dozen photos I made up a couple of animated GIF files to show what happens when the girls get into it! Really, they kind of share it back and forth.

two black cats with basket and mousie
A little tussle with the mousie.

But then Mewsette gets the mousie all on her own and sneaks some playtime with it, and Bella doesn’t mind at all.

two black cats with basket and mousie
But eventually Mewsette gets her way.

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What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Lady Emeraude and Her Court of Jesters, 2014
four black cats
Lady Emeraude and her court of jesters.

Well, when they’re holding court in in the bathroom and Lady Emeraude is on the throne, what do you expect of three black cats who think I’ll mistake them for her and feed them her food?

This is actually from a few days ago. Emmie hasn’t been feeling well and it seems the lymphatic leukemia is finally getting the better of her. Her eyes have been weepy for a while, then I began to hear a sniffle. This developed into an upper respiratory infection that at first we weren’t sure wasn’t just the dry air irritating her eyes and now. But it’s part of her compromised immune system through the leukemia, the excess of white blood cells, the lack of red blood cells. Where she used to eat just about anything I put in front of her I’ve had to coax her to eat, and sometimes she just doesn’t. It’s not unexpected. She’s come a long way from the summer, and November when she was diagnosed.

Yesterday she sat on my lap for the first time as I sat on the floor in my studio. I’ve spent plenty of time sitting next to her on her bed in the bathroom, but she never got to my lap or stayed there if I placed her there. I think, like most of the cats who’ve spent time in this house, she likes my studio. She is welcome here.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: The Blob, Black Cat Version, 2013
pile of black cats
I’ve been stepping over one of these every day or sometimes I find it on my bed, and it has finally engulfed them all. It even absorbs the light…

. . . . . . .

Package Inspection and Approval, 2013
Black cat looking at cards.
“Make certain the cards are lined up properly prior to running the scoring blade.”

I have a house full of working cats who are happy to wake from their naps to help me with my daily tasks and offer their opinions in no uncertain terms. Mimi supervises the scoring and folding of greeting cards, above, and below she inspects the interior of a box prior to packing it with a customer’s order.

black cat in box
Mimi inspects the interior of a box prior to packing “This box is the proper size and correctly assembled.”

And no box is ready to be sealed shut and sent on its way without the “stamp” of approval from Mewsette, my feline cardboard interpretation artist, who daylights as a parcel approval manager.

bit marks in cardboard box
Mewsette’s mark of approval.

. . . . . . .

Possibility of Lunch, 2012
two black cats looking at squirrel
Could be lunch.


“No, too tough. Roasted, in his own juices.”

“We’ll make mom really happy.”

“I know, he stole her little nut grinder from the deck, and he broke two bird feeders.”

“Wait a minute, there’s a better way.”


“Yes, raw.”

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