Daily Photo: Nursing in the Round, Who Knew?

Charm is clever at nursing her kittens.
Charm is clever at nursing her kittens.

Who knew that a cat track could double as a feline nursing station, kind of like nursing in the round?

Charm still nurses her kittens lying down but they are getting pretty big to all line up along one side, so sitting upright accommodates them a little more easily. That forlorn expression on her face, I feel so bad sometimes when I see her. She still has a few weeks of nursing left to do so she’s not done with this yet. She’s a good mom, though, always patient and a really sweet kitty. I’m as guilty as anyone of coming in the room and walking right past her to play with the kittens. But she will be a wonderful kitty for someone and that’s the best thing about adopting older cats—you pretty much know what they are like already.

One other thing to nite—the coffee can and plastic container on the right are small space solutions for this little bathroom and this many fosters in it. I had their dry food in the original paper bag packaging and had them in the sink, but Charm ripped into them even though I had some in the bowls. I have no space to store it in there, and I can’t have it outside or Giuseppe would shred the bags and eat it all. With help of course. So I found as many medium-sized containers as I had in the house and filled them with dry kitten food, and also use them as stepping levels for the kittens to get in and out of the tub. They run right up those containers and leap onto the ones inside!

I had a little scare with her over the weekend—aside from her escaping out the window, that is.  After her first escape by pushing the window screen outward at the top I started keeping the window closed too far for her to get to the screen, but then it got hot. I open it when I spend time in there, and always have a fan running. She actually got out again Monday morning when I ran to grab the phone while I’d been visiting her and forgot the window was open. I heard Jelly Bean talking in the kitchen and heard meowing in the kitchen, there she was lying on the deck, and she came right to me again, but I can only leave the window open a crack, and I have to have the door closed.

I keep a little fan clipped to the windowsill, but with the humidity Monday night/Tuesday morning she just grew irritated while nursing, then lethargic, ignored the kittens, then vomited up everything she’d had for the past week it seemed, then just laid on the toilet seat. I’d been watching for heat stroke and tried to keep her cool but it was impossible in temperatures over 90 degrees and humid. She was not panting or drooling or excessively flushed in her mouth or paws so I opened the window and door, got another fan and turned it right on her, some small bags of ice for around her neck and chest and filled the hot water bottle with cool water for her belly, then took her temperature and found it was 104 degrees. If it did not come down in the next half hour she had to go to emergency. She stayed kind of prone for a half hour or so, then started to get herself together  and got into a comfortable position. Her temperature was down to 103.7, not much but dropping so I stayed there pointing the fan on her and moving the ice and cool water bottle around. After an hour she was walking around and nibbling food and nursing the kittens. When her temperature reached 103.2 I decided she was safe, added more ice cubes to the water bowls and we all went to bed.

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Good morning! Today’s array: Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean, Basil and Mewsette. There were more and other arrangements and 22 other photos, but this one wins.

Today's array.
Today’s array.

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