Daily Photo: New Territory

Graceful Alvina, tail and all.
Graceful Alvina, tail and all.

Little Alvina is a real window kitty! As soon as they were out of the bathroom today she was at each of the three new windows well before her brothers. Little Vee is a real birdwatcher while her brothers prefer to chase each other and toys.

Birds in the trees.
Birds in the trees.

It was time to let the kids out of the bathroom to get accustomed to living in the rest of the house, little by little, and to meet the ninjas. Well past time—I’ve had so many projects upstairs with frames and glass and bubble wrap and all sorts of other things that I didn’t want the kids to get tangled up in, so I’ve kept them locked up aside from a few escapes. Theodore discovered the apron strings hanging from my chair in my studio and soon all three joined him.

The little three invade my studio.
The little three invade my studio.

The bathroom needed a good cleaning, though, and inspection by the adults in the household, so I blocked the stairs and opened the door. A few of the ninjas were upstairs already, and over the next couple of hours they came and went when I moved the package of matboard to let them up or down the stairs. All but Charm met the kittens. I think she’s had enough of kittens for a while.

Basil, Bella and Sunshine explore.
Basil, Bella and Sunshine explore.

Simon was up on my bedroom windowsill too. As far as I know, Theodore stayed on the floor—he’s a specialist in exploring nooks and crannies and making cat tracks work. Unfortunately, the windowsill in the bathroom is too narrow with the baby gate up for protection so no one can sit there, Alvina puts her paws up and looks out all through the day but neither of the boys has ever paid any attention.

Simon discovers the windowsill.
Simon discovers the windowsill.

Bella was on my bed when the little ones started their invasion, but she was okay. She is the master of getting her little body into silly positions as she hung off the bed like a cricket to tap noses with Simon.

Bella greets Simon in her own special way.
Bella greets Simon in her own special way.

Basil was totally amazed at everything they did, and wavered between hissing and swatting when the kittens got too full of themselves to having a really fun chase. Funny to think of Basil as the adult!

Basil gets a taste of his own medicine.
Basil gets a taste of his own medicine.

Simon was the most confident of all of them. Alvina and Theodore were a little timid and ran from me at first, but were fine with me as soon as I touched them, but Simon ran over to me for kisses and supervised the cleaning of the bathroom floor. Such wonderful kittens!

. . . . . . .

A few photos from Friday


Flat Browser Visits!
Browser at the front door of Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.
Browser at the front door of Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.

As a follow-up to the book review I wrote last weekend of “Rescued”, and Browser the Library Cat I was excited to have “Flat Browser come to visit, and encourage readers to buy a copy of the book during July to help support his rescue. But he didn’t arrive here until Friday afternoon, the last day of the month. Still, it was fun to run over to my library and capture photos of Browser all over the place! And, of course he met the kids.

Giuseppe, Sunshine, Mewsette and Basil meet Flat Browser.
Giuseppe, Sunshine, Mewsette and Basil meet Flat Browser.

A literary house panther, Browser B Katz, came to visit our library in Carnegie, all the way from Pine River MN today! He stopped to pose at the front door of Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall in Carnegie, then went inside to visit the temporary library in the basement because the “real” library is being restored, but he did get to meet Katie at the temporary circulation desk. Then he went on to visit The Lincoln Gallery, and he was even on the stage at Carnegie Hall! And then he met Basil and Sunshine and Giuseppe and Mewsette at Bernadette’s house! What a fun day! You can read more about the book I starred in “Rescued”, and Browser the Library Cat. Don’t forget that all sales of the book through the end of July help support Paws and Claws Animal Shelter!



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  • August 3, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    What fun they must have had..getting to explore outside the bathroom..I’m always amazed at how receptive the Ninjas are to all of the cats and kittens that you foster…Basil has grown so much..he is so handsome…Boy oh boy..flat Browser really gets around..for being flat that is..lol..


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