Daily Photo: Mixing it Up

Mixing it up in the sun.
Mixing it up in the sun.

It’s still hot and they’ve been complaining so why are they all lying around in the sun? It started out with Mimi on the box, then Giuseppe settled near her, Basil sat down near them in the sun and Mewsette came over to enjoy some family time. Before you knew it Giuseppe was napping, Basil poked Mewsette and Mewsette, usually a peacemaker and really good at ignoring infractions from the male house panthers who think they are clever, decided to turn around and show Basil how small he still was. It all ended peacefully, but fun to see them play.

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Kitties with Wildflowers

Hello my beauties! Do you like my wildflowers? Did you miss me while I was gone (for 20 minutes 🙂 ). It’s Mewsette, Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine.

Do you like my wildflowers?
Do you like my wildflowers?

Only the above photo was posted on Instagram, but it’s frustrating that Instagram photos have to be square. There were two other photos I got at the same time, when I’d come home from my walk and reached in to open the door to talk to them while I arranged my wildflowers in the vase.

Everyone tries to smell the wildflowers.
Everyone tries to smell the wildflowers.
Mimi and Mr. Sunshine study my flowers.
Mimi and Mr. Sunshine study my flowers.


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Daily Photo: Easy Sunday, Table Grapes Style, 2014
two black cats in box
Just sharing a box is a great Easy Sunday activity.

Giuseppe and Sunshine have found the purr-fect box and are unable to move from it, the box is so purr-fect. It’s going to be a really easy Sunday.

Below is how they typically start out.

two black cats in box
This is how they usually start out.

The Four often pair off, sometimes Mimi comes with me and sometimes she settles in with one of the couples.

two black cats in box
Then they get closer…

Everything is easier when you can share.

two black cats in box
…and closer.

And here they are from above, in their absolutely purr-fect box, on a purr-fectly easy Sunday.

two black cats in box
And the box was the purr-fect size. They stayed all day.

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The Back Side of…Things, 2013
    The Back End of...Things
The Back End of…Things

This is the other side of Five for Dinner, Please. I decided to run around behind them and take a photo from the back—not that day, but on a later day. On this night it was Giuseppe, Mimi, Sunshine, Bean and Mewsette. Five black cat behinds!

I nearly always feed them a raw meal, though sometimes we take a break and they have canned food for a few days. I don’t feed them their entire amount at once, partly because, when I fed the dry or canned, a certain black kitty with a white spot would dig in and try to swallow his entire dish at once then deposit the entire amount on my desk, and giving him a half at a time helped with that though it didn’t solve it completely, and it felt unfair to single him out so all the others were fed that way too. I found it also delayed the faster diners like Mewsette who doesn’t come up for air until she’s done, especially with canned food, but with any diet I can slightly delay her second portion so she’s not done way before everyone else, trying to nose into their dish.

With the raw diets Jelly Bean never has a problem and eats at a normal pace, and Mewsette only outpaces the others by a minute or so and is satisfied, but I typically feed them two different brands and two different flavors to balance out all the different commercial raw diets or my own occasional homemade concoctions have to offer. I’m not sure how I got into this habit, possibly because the raw food is a firmer consistency, I usually dish it out with my hands, so I’m constantly washing my hands before, during and after meals. But to feed them one portion, wash my hands thoroughly, grab my camera and run around behind them and take several shots and no one turned to look at me or got up to leave, then run back, put the camera in a safe place, wash my hands again and feed them the second portion was a real trick.

And I think they are totally cute when they do this but I’m not really fond of them crowding together like this to eat, though perhaps it feels natural to them when they are eating as if they are all gathered around a fresh kill, though they did this with dry and canned as well, and other kitties lined up too. Whatever, if they are happy and eat well, I’m not going to make them change. As if I could!

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Mimi Does a Little Framing, 2013
black cat in picture frame
Mimi says, “I like this frame.”

When Mimi does some framing it’s not like cutting mats and cleaning glass, it’s trying on the frame as a quality control measure. As soon as I set the frame down she is in it as if it’s a box! If she can’t fit into it and have a bath then she advises me not to use it, but if she can then I wait until she’s done and continue.

So this is what we spent most of the weekend doing: I prepared the art and the mat and the glass and backing while Mimi settled into the frame and had a cozy bath. When not sitting in frames, she was walking on my matboard or even my artwork. It took me a little longer to get the work done, but for Mimi’s expert assistance, it’s worth the extra time spent.

This time, none of my contrived distractions convinced her to move off my work table. I was just very careful with glass and things…and just a little annoyed at all those extra black cat hairs. Mimi likes to help me frame too, and we’ve even done a little performance art around her love of framing, and those frames truly are an imaginary box!

black cat in picture frame
Mimi is not so fond of the white frame.

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Time For a Bath, 2012
Time for a Bath.
Time for a Bath.

Certainly time for a bath—any time is good for a bath when you’re a cat. I guess her reasoning is that the sun came out for a few watery minutes between the downpours today and she noticed some flecks of something unpleasant on her glossy black fur. Mama Mimi must set a good example.

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