Daily Photo: Magic and Raven, Ready for a Forever Home

two black cats with people
Magic and Raven with their foster humans.

Back in October I managed to catch two pretty unhappy little black kittens who’d been born to a feral mama cat in a neighborhood near me, and transport them to a foster home, also near me, so they could learn some manners and get some healthcare with the intent of finding a new home. Above, their foster people say goodbye before I transported them from their foster home to a local PetSmart to hopefully meet their matches. Thanks for doing such a good job fostering them!

black cat in cage
Magice, above, and Raven, below, in their carrier, reminiscent of the first photos I had of these two.

Those two little house panthers are now about four months old, curious and playful, sleek and graceful. They passed all their tests, got all their shots, are spayed and are looking for a forever home to sit around and be beautiful. And play a lot, and hopefully cuddle together if they are adopted together.

black cat in cage
The girls huddle together in the front of their cage and study their surroundings in the store.

Their foster home named them Magic and Raven. Magic is a little more outgoing than Raven, a little larger and clearly the protector of her sister. Raven is also friendly and curious, but tends to let Magic investigate the humans before she’ll step forward for pets.

black cat in cage

Seeing them together they look very much alike, but without comparing them it’s very hard to tell them apart—the only differences are that Magic has little divots from her teeth in her upper lip which you can see when she turns her head. Much like getting to know the Fantastic Four one from another, Magic and Raven’s profiles are different, their ears are slightly different, and it’s just a matter of getting to know them, and which is who will be very obvious to you.

black cat in cage
Magic works her magic on me, rubbing her face against the bars of her cage and purring loudly.

Magic and Raven are at the PetSmart in Monroeville, and are available for adoption through FosterCat. Their adoption fee is $75 each, which helps to cover the costs of veterinary care and housing provided to them and many other cats. You do want a set of matching house panthers, don’t you?

black cat in cage
So long, girls, good luck!

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