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In the Corner
In the Corner

I worked in the studio through the afternoon and while I had some supervision at first I guess everyone got tired of me and all my stuff laying around. Later I left the room and looked in my bedroom to see six of them on the bed, the only two missing are Charm and Bella, who were down at the basement door CatTV channel. They had actually all been sleeping but got up when I started taking photos.

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Others’ Fine Felines: Frankencat Today, 2014
one-eyed black cat with bowtie
Frankencat dressed for a formal outing.

What a handsome kitty! So graceful and dignified, and confident. This is a recent photo of Frankencat which his person Heather Long recently shared on Facebook. Who would know his beginnings from looking at this photo? Not only is he an incredible cat every moment of the day, but he’s an incredible reason for giving every cat a chance at rescue. You can read more about him in Devoted to the End: Frankencat and Old Grand Dad, and you also have a chance to vote for him for Cat of the Week at Moderncat Magazine! Let’s make a one-eyed FeLV-positive cat the cat of the week! Frankencat certainly deserves it for what he did for Old Grand Dad.

And look at the dangerous dogs he has to live with!

pit bulls on couch
Frankencat’s fur siblings, the dangerous pit bulls.

Those are Heather’s three vicious pit bulls and one Rhodesian Ridgeback. Right. Maybe they’re having vicious dreams?

Below, as a reminder, is one more of Frankencat’s intake photos. His injuries and conditions were so extreme, who would think he’d be able to recover?

black cat with injuries Frankencat
Another of Franken’s intake photos.

Yet recover he did, as you see below, relaxed and happy, and he has that stuffed Tiger totally frightened!

black cat with tiger
What a fierce kitty, the tiger is scared.

No one was sure how it would be for him when he lost his charge in caretaking, Old Grand Dad. He’s adjusted pretty well, making friends with the rest of the dogs, getting accustomed to being in the rest of the house, and just being a super nice, friendly, affectionate black cat. You can see more articles with his photo here.

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The Dinner Dance, 2013
five black cats
The Dinner Dance.

Baths and wandering and contemplation, one in the middle and one at each corner, sometimes all lined up, all that excited energy just before dinner.

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Only the Shadows Know, 2012
shadows of two cats

So what were the boys up to, as I looked around the corner to see their shadows on the floor, but not them?

Probably just conspiring in a little brotherly bathing, I think!

It’s Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine, not the typical partners in crime, all the more reason to wonder.

Nothing transpired from the conspiracy, except some play and a bath and a nap in the tub.

. . . . . . .

Cookie and Kelly Help Out in the Studio, 2011
two tortie cats
Cookie and Kelly lend me a paw.

Not just supervising today, the girls decide to get in on the action, Cookie making sure the papercutter stays in place and Kelly holding the papers secure.

No kitties could possibly be harmed in the taking of this photo—I wasn’t using the guillotine blade (I rarely do, for paws and noses reasons), and the trimmer blade runs in a track underneath the bar on the left that only five sheets of paper can slide underneath, so I can’t even manage to trim my own fingernails by accident. I apologize for the quality of these photos—I don’t have as much control over the little camera since I dunked it in the creek, I think it’s trying to make me pay for that mistake by taking most photos on ISO1600, nice and grainy and badly colored.

tortie cat on paper cutter
Cookie has been waiting for the paper cutter all day.

But, first of all, here is Cookie at it again. She likes to try out all sorts of household items, not just kitchen items, and she has always adored flat, smooth surfaces to exercise and stretch out on. I set the papercutter on the table and she immediately came over, stepped up onto it, turned around and did a little test digging, turned around again and laid down, stretching out against the locked blade holder and trying to cover as much of my work surface as possible, purringly pleased with herself. Apparently, this is just what she was waiting for to make her afternoon perfect.

Cookie has been helping me for 19 years, and that is not about to change soon.

By “test-digging” I mean scratching with both paws as if she is digging in the box or in something soft like soil, but it’s always a firm surface. In sorting books I found my copy of “French Impressionism (The Big Book of)” which in an earlier day had actually been a coffee table book when I had a coffee table, and which Cookie chose for her performances of digging and spinning around and stretching; the paper cover bears criss-crossed scratches from such activity, as do magazines and quite a few other things.

two tortie cats
Kelly rolling her eyes at Cookie.

She always enjoyed the glass surface of my lightbox which I use to trace images onto a drawing surface. I had often thought that might be because the lights inside the box, being strong enough to shine through heavy papers or drawing materials, also made the box and its surface very warm, but she also enjoyed it when it was turned off. There were times I actually had to rudely remove her and even close her out of my studio for a brief time just so I could get my work done because she simply spread-eagled herself over the top and would not move. One of these days I’ll get a photo of this; I don’t use it nearly as often as I used to, but I’m sure she’ll still enjoy an adventure.

Kelly, on the other hand, kind of rolled her eyes at Cookie but decided there was room enough for her so she might as well get some attention too. She decided that walking around and talking about it was a better idea so at least I could get my pages cut in half while Cookie held my papers with her paw and purred and Kelly walked around giving color commentary.

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