Daily Photo: Dishtowel

black cat on dishtowels
Mr. Sunshine proves that, in the absence of a decent piece of paper, a stack of clean, folded dishtowels will suffice for a self-respecting cat.

“For maximum effect, seat yourself geographically centered in the stack of clean, folded dishtowels.”

Everyone knows that a cat should not sit right on a surface if possible, and even the lift of a single sheet of paper is acceptable, mataining its neat, precise shape even during a bath. However, a stack of clean and folded dishtowels, while not as neat and perfect, will suffice if paper is not available.

Until your human decides to use you as a dishtowel rack. Not cool.

black cat with dishtowels on back
This is not cool.

“I’m just going to flip these towels onto the floor, okay?”

black cat with distowels
I’m going to toss these on the floor, okay?

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I share on this date?

The Chipmunk Drama, 2012
three black cats looking out window
The drama begins with intent stares and lashing tails.

An exciting moment in the lives of three black cats.

Mimi was already at the window, Mr. Sunshine joined her and Giuseppe leaped off my lap when she sent out the wordless, soundless signal that only cats can understand that something was outside on the porch that needed to be stared at.

two cats and chipmunk
A chipmunk!

It’s a chipmunk! Those sleek little critters with their racing stripes and remote-control antenna tails straight up in the air when they run inhabit my yard and have tortured generations of cats with their darting about in plain sight.

two cats and chipmunk
Mimi and Mr. Sunshine focus in.

Mimi thinks to herself, I raised all my babies on chipmunks except these four. Maybe they’ll have to have a little taste…if I could only get out there…

black cat with chipmunk
Mimi remembers feeding her babies chipmunks…

Meanwhile, the chipmunk is stuffing his cheeks with fallen maple tree seed clusters, totally unconcerned about what is happening around him, and probably enjoying the fact that three cats are staring at him but can’t get to him.

The little guy has no idea the thoughts being had about him by three intent cats.

And while our spring last year was a little accelerated, just to give you an idea of how far our season is behind this spring the maple tree buds are just beginning to open, nowhere near the time they drop their immature whirlybirds for the chipmunks!

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3 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Dishtowel

  • April 17, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Well now B..didn’t you wash them and put them there just for his convenience??..lol

  • April 14, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Sorry you have a late spring this year. It’s so frustrating for gardeners, isn’t it, Bernadette?

    Love the stack of dishtowels, by the way. Mr. Sunshine is just neatly creasing them for you.


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