Daily Photo: Basket Seat for the Big Fight

Hamlet has a front-row seat for the big fight.
Hamlet has a front-row seat for the big fight.

It’s time for Basket Studio Wrestling with Mr. Sunshine vs. Jelly Bean! Hamlet has a basket seat to watch it. Right now Mr. Sunshine is using the basket handle to his advantage, but Jelly Bean knows it’s his advantage because Sunshine’s arms aren’t as long as he thinks they are.

Hamlet used to be alarmed by these little brotherly brush-ups, but apparently he’s over that.

A few minutes later…


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Innocence Lost, Regained, and Avenged, 2013

black cat Sniffing glue
Sniffing glue

I’ve often wondered about Jelly Bean’s mellow personality and sleepy expressions. Now I know.

Sniffing glue.

As a responsible cat parent, I should have been more aware…

. . . . . . . .

“Come on,” said his brother, “It’s really cool! She opens the stuff when she puts the wood things together. You go and smell that stuff in the bottle, then come over here and sit inside the wood thing.”

 Mr. Sunshine coaxes his brother.
Mr. Sunshine coaxes his brother.

“It’s way far out!!”

Sunshine describes how good it feels.
Sunshine describes how good it feels.

Bean always listens to his brothers. So he sniffed the glue and went to sit in the frame.

“So when does it happ—”

When is this thing going to happen?
When is this thing going to happen?



I didn’t have the heart to tell them it wasn’t that kind of glue.

They were having such a good time being bad boys.

. . . . . . .

Innocence Regained, and Avenged

Jelly Bean gets the straight stuff.
Jelly Bean gets the straight stuff.

“That’s what you get for getting me in trouble.”

“What trouble? You get yourself in enough trouble! What did I do?”

“You had me sniff that glue stuff the other day, now it’s all over the internets that Jelly Bean sniffs glue.”

“Well you did sniff glue! What’s the problem with that?”

“I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t led me astray!”

“Astray?! A-stray?! I led you a-stray? Where did you learn that big word? Do you even know what it means?”

“It means you made me do a bad thing I wouldn’t normally do!”

“I hardly had to pull your tail to get you to do it.”

“You know I trust you! You’re my brother!”

“Look, little brother—”

“Don’t you ‘little brother’ me!”

“You’re acting like one, like a real little brother. Real little. Anyway, it wasn’t a bad thing to do.”

“I heard sniffing glue was bad!”

“It wasn’t that kind of glue.”

“What kind of glue is that?”

“The kind that makes the room look like a psychedelic painting.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it was all in your head.”

“In my head? But the room was all different! And I felt different.”

“Jelly Bean…”

“You’re making fun of me aren’t you?”

“Jelly Bean…”

“You set me up to look like a fool, didn’t you?”

“Jelly Bean…”

“Some brother you are!”

“Go ahead, hit me now, you fall for it every time, it’s almost no fun.”

Innocence regained.

. . . . . . .

Sunshine on Sunshine, 2014

Mr. Sunshine pondering.
Mr. Sunshine pondering.

The sun shone fervently today from dawn to sunset, and I took sooooo many photos of the snow, the light, the animals, and of course my cats. I had my DSLR upstairs with me so I could get photos my smartphone could never catch, once again starring Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine. The last group of their photos was fun and silly, in this one I let the light play around and let the glare flash out details and fill in on the edges of silhouettes, blurring Giuseppe and the lace curtain and now and then Mr. Sunshine.

Bath No. 2
Bath No. 2

These three are a few of my favorites. While I was trying for anonymous silhouettes much of the time, I also caught some gentle details as in these two above and below.

Bath No. 1
Bath No. 1

Sorry for posting all these slideshows—it’s only because I can’t always decide which one I like best, and if I wait I never get back to the group of photos. I just took photo after photo, manually adjusting the focus, trying to get Mr. Sunshine silhouetted against Giuseppe, catch their shadows on the top of the wardrobe, use that big rectangle of light as an object and flash out all the detail to simplify the whole composition: cats, a few shadows, lace curtain, light. Here’s a slideshow of all the photos from this little section of today’s photo shoot, just rough, no retouch or light adjustments or filters. It was so hard to choose, there were so many!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Blue Pitcher With Cat
Blue Pitcher With Cat

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