Daily Photo: Basil in a Little Box

Basil in a very tiny box.
Basil in a very tiny box.

I know that Basil has no idea how cute he really is, but sometimes I wonder how he manages to be so cute every moment of every day, no matter what he does. He’s like living with a stuffed toy. HCMT pulled him from the euthanasia list at WPHS just about three years ago because he was frightened and combative and I agreed to foster him to save his life, knowing nothing at all about him. He can still be easily frightened and might act out, like when the neighbors are indulging in blowing things up, but most of the time he’s just non-stop cute. Do you have any idea how many photos I took of him sleeping in this box? All of them worth it.

From Instagram

I’m not sure of the reason for this meeting. Neither is Jelly Bean, who is sleeping this one out.

Some sort of a meeting.
Some sort of a meeting.


What other photos have I shared around this day?


Squirrel Fun, 2016

The rug got caught in the tree.
The rug got caught in the tree.

Okay, the squirrel is trying to spruce up his pad again. This time he tried to take the welcome mat at my deck door. I saw it through my kitchen window hanging in the tree. This is the squirrel’s path to his nest, up onto the deck roof, leap to the pussy willow to the Norway maple, then to the tall maple and the tulip poplar. Last January he disembowelled a pillow and took it bit by bit to his nest, and then took the cover, which is hanging in another tree. I guess squirrels these days aren’t happy with just dry leaves anymore.

Shared Facebook on August 1.

And a few more from about that time to catch you up with other things we’ve been doing.

. . . . . . .

The Five having a mutual bathing session in the kitchen. It’s blurry because each is in purr-pet-ual motion grooming whoever is in front of them. Such purrs from them all together, it’s hard to describe.

Bathing session for five.
Bathing session for five.

Giuseppe and Bean with Mewsette in between, an interesting sort of symmetry.

Giuseppe and Bean with Mewsette in between.
Giuseppe and Bean with Mewsette in between.

Shared on Instagram August 5.


Office Cat, 2016

Mimi was the office supervisor today.
Mimi was the office supervisor today.

Mimi was my office supervisor this morning from high-atop the sorting shelves, at eye level. I think she’s done with it for now. (What would I do without her! This was from Monday.)

. . . . . . .

Some other shenanigans in the office.

Mimi was of the opinion that the box, being small and rather flat, was the purrrfect size for her morning nap. Sans adult children. (From August 10.)

It's really just a small box.
It’s really just a small box.

Their box runneth over. Mimi got them back for joining her in the little box the other day by lying down on both of them. Really, the box is pretty flat by now. (From August 15.)

Mimi gets them back for sharing her box.
Mimi gets them back for sharing her box.

. . . . . . .

And some more office shenanigans—from years ago!


From the Archives: The Persistence of Cats, 2010

three cats melting off desk
The Persistence of Cats

If you remember the painting by Salvador Dali, “The Persistence of Memory”, where clocks are draped over a tree branch, off the edge of a table and over an amorphous rounded object, it’s that painting that people refer to when they say, “It’s like that Dali painting,” when inanimate objects are draped over other inanimate objects in that strange surrealist way. Well, maybe that doesn’t happen all that often in anyone else’s life, but my cats draping themselves in total relaxation on just about anything has always made me think of that painting. I have always said I would do a painting of all my cats forever (so far) draped over random things in my household. Above is a start. Mr. Sunshine fully on his back leaning on the shelf, Peaches draped off the edge of the desk, and Cookie woke up and looked at me because that was her job.

Below is Dickie on the same day at the same time in one of his fantastical sleeping contortions on the butterfly rug. Sometimes I couldn’t figure out how he could breathe. It’s nowhere near that hot this August, but I remember that summer. Memory is persistent. So are cats.

tabby cat sleeping in a twist
The Persistence of Dickie

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Surprise! Feline Photo Card
Surprise! Feline Photo Card

Basil must have thought the yellow basket was a gift for him because he owned it from the day it came into the house, which was the day I was running errands and saw it…atop someone’s trash pile. I sprayed it down and rinsed it in the basement and let it air dry, then brought it up to the magic basket spot, and Basil was immediately IN THE BASKET, looking totally cute, big, long, white whisker and all. Read more, and purchase.

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