Daily Photo: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Giuseppe and Basil watch the neighborhood.
Giuseppe and Basil watch the neighborhood.

Giuseppe and Basil watch the birds and squirrels out in the frozen afternoon. We forgot how cold it could be!

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From The Archives: December Sunbath, 2006
Namir enjoys a sunbath. gray cat on windowsill
Namir enjoys a sunbath.

Namir enjoys a quiet nap on the sunny windowsill at the top of the stairs. When the sun hits this window in the morning the little alcove made by the windowsill fills with sun-warmth and who could help but fall asleep? Namir always had an expressive tail, and he has it curled around the winder for the casement window then turned upward, meaning he was very happy at that moment. I can just see him there, happy and purring, even right now.

If you look closely you’ll see there’s a square of shaved fur on his neck, meaning he had recently been in the emergency clinic for his congestive heart failure and had blood taken. Another reason to treasure the moment and take this photo, and several others.

Namir knew how to work the camera.
Namir knew how to work the camera.

I like this blurry one for its abstract contemplative qualities. And Namir too.

Blurry, but I like the contemplative nature of it.
Blurry, but I like the contemplative nature of it.

And this one for the clear closeup of his face with his whiskers alight.

An angled view. gray cat on windowsill
An angled view.

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Shared on Facebook today.

My office staff working hard, or why it’s hard to get things done including cleaning off my desk. What would I do without them?

Desk Staff.
Desk Staff.

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What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Wordless Wednesday: No, I’m Not Giving Up My Basket, 2014
black cat in basket
I’m not giving up my basket.

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The Girl is All Right, 2014
two black cats
Bella wins over Mewsette.

Mewsette is not hard to convince, she’s just not always earthbound so she’s usually the last one to come around to new family members and interacting with them. Today she moved from her spot on the bed and intentionally went to sit right next to Bella, and wrapped her tail around Bella while she had her bath, during which she gave Bella a few licks. Bella held still and purred loudly. Just a while later they each had their own places and enjoyed a long afternoon nap. Feline communication can seem so subtle it’s nearly undetectable, but really you just need to understand what you see.

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Lynx, 2013
black cat in box
Mewsette is disappointed with a box she was very excited to dig into.

“I had hopes for this box, in part because of the name that’s printed on it, and I visualized a stylized abstract shape that resembled leaves and shadows, with me as part of it—lynxes are big cats after all—and there are two boxes so I could make something very big, with multiple parts. I’ve been wanting to experiment with that. But this box has no potential whatsoever, no style, no mystery, it’s just a dull old box lid. It has nothing to say.

“Never judge a box by its cover.”

Don’t worry, Mewsette found a much more exciting subject for her creative inspirations almost immediately, and I’ve been charting her progress. Everyone who comes in has to understand they have to walk around Mewsette’s project, which is in pieces all over the floor, and often she is sleeping meditating in it. When she feels it’s ready, we will post her new work.

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Night Shift

I worked late last night to get something finished at my computer downstairs, and turned around to see this big blot of black on the floor. I have things everywhere with projects I’m working on at the moment, but I knew this was a special blot of black. All five were sleeping in a very organized pattern, three vertical cats at the bottom, and two nearly symmetrical curled cats at the top. I am very appreciative of all the feline moral support as they stayed with me into the wee hours.

five black cats in a heap
The night shift, providing moral support as I work late.

. . . . . . .

Boys at Their Best, 2012
three black cats asleep
The boys at their best.

Who could resist these three sleepy faces? And who cares if I need the countertop space in the kitchen? The boys are asleep, I guess I can work somewhere else.

Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Jelly Bean pile up in the kitchen while I get a little dinner started. They weren’t interested in my food, or even in their own dinner yet. I just happen to be an object for feline entertainment. Apparently I was quite dull.

Sometimes I can hear Jelly Bean purr from across the room.

. . . . . . .

Cat Toppers, 2011
photo of two black cats
Cat Toppers

For a cat, any place is good for a little contemplation and a bath. Jelly Bean and Mewsette try out the view from atop the decorative storage containers and make themselves at home.

Probably because the round containers remind me of cake layers, the cats always remind me of cake toppers when they sit up here. Wouldn’t black cats make nice cake toppers?

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Selection of pendant styles.

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