Daily Photo: A Phone Book Cat Bed

two black cats on a phone book
Bella and Mimi make good use of a phone book.

In a pinch, a standard old-fashioned phone book makes an excellent cat bed. It’s soft, it’s a higher spot in the room and, after all, it’s paper. And it has two sections, just right for two felines to take care of feline afternoon activities at the same time. Just make sure you’ve got the number you wanted before they discover it.

Bella has been spending time with Mimi. The two of them play together and chase each other, have drinks at the fountain together, watch birds together and just hang out. Mimi is pleased to have another girl in the house.

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Easy Like Sunday Laundry, 2013
black cats in cabinet
Mimi takes the drawer and Giuseppe takes the stack of folded dishtowels while Bean looks on in envy.

Nothing like fresh laundry, especially dishtowels, to make a Sunday easy feel complete. Mimi was in the drawer as soon as I pulled it open as if shed had been sucked in but the vacuum of the vortex within the drawer. That meant the freshly folded dishtowels I had ready to put away in the drawer had to be set down somewhere and immediately became a comfy bolster for Giuseppe. Bean is a little jealous of all their special comforts, but eventually fell asleep.

Emeraude is doing okay, more struggles than not but she perks up and eats well and bosses me around for a day or two so I know she’s still not ready to go. When she’s having one of her quiet days I miss her yelling out the bathroom door in that gravelly rusty-hinge voice of hers whenever I go past the bathroom door, like, “Hey lady, where’s my food?!” She always stands up to greet me, and when she feels well enough she gives me a graceful upward-downward cat stretch. Bean has been working on her too, and they check in with each other several times a day.

two black cats
Bean and Emmie don’t cuddle, but they touch noses a heck of a lot.

. . . . . . .

Perfectly Well Camouflaged, 2013
black cat in tub
Mr. Sunshine cannot be seen.

Mr. Sunshine is certain he is completely invisible.

When cats make the rules, the physics of perception don’t apply, even when you have a black cat in a totally white tub. Add to that the fact that cats have interesting rules for being invisible when even partially in, under, behind or inside things, or when their eyes are covered by a paw or are closed, and you can “clearly” see why Mr. Sunshine is certain he is invisible though he is a black cat in a totally white tub behind a completely clear plastic shower curtain.

. . . . . . .

Colorful Cuddling, 2012
four black cats cuddling with colorful clothing
Colorful Cuddling

While Mama Bernadette slaves away sorting laundry and moving summer clothing behind and under the winter clothing, the Fantastic Four enjoy an afternoon of lazy slumber amid the colorful mess. Mewsette wears Giuseppe’s tail as a scarf and his belly as a pillow, thinking thoughts of other days and other worlds. Mr. Sunshine lies back to back with her using Giuseppe’s shoulder as a pillow while Jelly Bean uses Mr. Sunshine’s hip as a pillow. These siblings form a new puzzle each day.

. . . . . . .

Traffic Jam, 2011
three black cats
Traffic Jam.

Jelly Bean sits right in the only place the boys think they can pass through to get from my desk to the window.

In fact, it’s a little game they play. There are plenty of other ways to get there, but JB is just itching for a little scuffle. Call him passive aggressive, but he gets in the way until someone gets annoyed.

On the left you see the back of Giuseppe’s head, since he has already run the gauntlet. On the right you see Mr. Sunshine’s butt, and chances are better than equal that he will jostle Bean and the games will begin.

I gave it a slight orange cast because I felt like it.

. . . . . . .

Pretty Little Mimi, 2010
photo of black cat by door
Little Mimi in the Sun

Little Mimi is just incredibly pretty. In part it’s her petite build, and in a photo it’s hard to get perspective on how tiny she is; unless you have some idea the size of my door, this photo really doesn’t do it.

In other part it’s her quiet nature, her subdued personality. She has tiny, tiny paws and pads soundlessly around the house, fits herself into small spaces and generally doesn’t ask for much, which is why it’s so funny when she suddenly scrabbles for a grip on the floor and races around the house with a tail like a paper clip, or follows me insistently, head-bumping me, rubbing and angling a look up at me as she presses her head against my hip, completely endearing.

Here she sits in the warm sun on a frosty morning, perhaps thinking that in years past she would have been out in that frost instead of basking in the sun by the door.

I’m sure we all have these moments when we look at one of our animal companions and suddenly realize how much we simply love them. I took in Mimi for a logical purpose, to get her off the streets, to help learn more about FIP, to help me with my grief at losing Lucy, and I got Little Mimi in the bargain.

. . . . . . .

My Able Art Assistant, 2010
cat with art materials
I’m ready for my art experience.

Mr. Sunshine waits behind the row of art materials at the edge of my drafting table for…I’m not sure what. Perhaps just for me to look at, perhaps just to gaze at me lovingly, I’m not sure, but Mr. Sunshine is always present for me when I get started in my studio, and he stays with me the entire time.

I also thought the colorful scissors looked striking against his black fur and all those shades of green truly complemented his eyes.

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  • December 2, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    How sweet that Mimi and Bella have become girlfriends..I’m sure Mimi is glad to have another girl in the house and she sure does deserve the happiness..


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