Cat for Adoption: My Spare Tortie, Sienna

I'm a very dark tortie girl.
I’m a very dark tortie girl.

I’ve had a guest in my foster room since last Tuesday! She’s a very nice tortie girl, soft and round and affectionate who I’m calling Sienna. It’s apparent she was someone’s cat, but not sure who. Here’s what I posted the day after she came here.

FOUND: very friendly adult tortie, on 2nd Avenue in Carnegie. Neighbors have been feeding her since July, she was very thin but filled out nicely since then. No microchip. They were concerned about her in this snow and cold and trapped her the other night. They have been looking for an owner since she showed up but no one has responded. She was skittish outside but now that she’s inside she’s a VERY friendly and nice kitty, talkative, loves laps, loves pets. Someone must be missing her, please share.

Her post has been shared widely and two people have stopped to see if she is their tortie, but she is not.  So she can settle here until after Christmas and then meet some of my friends at one of the shelters. Such a nice kitty would have no problem being adopted! The photos of her on the windowsill are from yesterday, all others are from the day after she came here.

See how nicely shaped I am?
See how nicely shaped I am?

Photos of her face were difficult because she likes to be close and doesn’t sit still unless she’s on your lap. When she is on your lap she regularly looks up and gives nose kisses.


Eventually she will roll over on her back and ask for belly rubs. She is also a great conversationalist.

Sienna has something to say!
Sienna has something to say!

She has the most amazing soft round paws. She actually has a very pleasant cobby plushy tortie build that I adore. Her coloring is very dark with just speckles and very few big spots but for the large spot on the top of her head. I named her Sienna for her warm dark coloring.

No, she has not met the household yet, and likely she will not. She is still in her two-week quarantine and introducing an adult to the household might be more stress than she or my household need for a short stay.

I'm just hanging out here.
I’m just hanging out here.

She’s been enjoying watching the squirrel in the tree outside the bathroom window.

I'm busy watching the squirrel.
I’m busy watching the squirrel.

Here are a few more photos of her. Wish her luck in her journey toward a forever home!

I'm a very nice girl.
I’m a very nice girl.
I have just a few speckled toes.
I have just a few speckled toes.

You might need a tortie in your life!


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3 thoughts on “Cat for Adoption: My Spare Tortie, Sienna

    • January 6, 2018 at 11:01 am

      Melissa, she is unbelievably sweet and affectionate. I’ll be surrendering her to a small shelter near me who I’ve worked with for years since no one has claimed here and no one asked to adopt. I’ve been holding her until after New Year’s Day so the shelter can get back to normal, now we have this horribly cold weather and the shelters are taking in animals to keep them safe and warm, so she’ll be hanging around for a while longer.

  • January 3, 2018 at 8:09 am

    Hi Bernadette. How is Sienna doing? Did you find her a new home? Did you take her to the shelter? I found the article very interesting, because just yesterday one of the street cats came wondering in here and took over my cat’s feeding bowl. After emptying it, it wandered into the kitchen where there is a second bowl for “treats” I give after cooking sometimes. He attacked that, too and then begged for more food, which I gave him and he wolfed down. Both males. Mine is younger (I know because I have seen the other cat in the neighborhood before my cat came here as a small kitten), he is obviously used to a household. You can see the way he comes inside very self-assured and seems to know where to go and where not to. He didn’t show any inclination to go outside again. Also he is very comfortable among humans, even those he has never met before. I thought about keeping him, but had the same doubts you had. Especially because he just went and took over my cats bowls, despite the fact that the whole place has my cats smell over it. I wrote an article about how to introducing another cat to a household. Maybe it is useful to you. I recommend you take a look.
    But from personal experience now with this cat and another kitten I fostered, I think now, after I wrote it, that there are additional issues when cats have different ages. Would appreciate your feedback on that one.


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