Creating With Cats: Cat Art at the Student Art Show

Jasmine Koster, Kindergarten
Jasmine Koster, Kindergarten

Above, marker and collage by Jasmine Koster, Kindergarten. Can you believe a kindergartner created this kitty in a bag? She has a great sense of shape and proportion. That stylized kitty may have pointy cheeks and two different sized eyes but it was obviously based on observing a real kitty, especially with those ears, and it said “kitty” to me right away. And the bag, it could be just square but instead it’s got a rounded bottom, and it’s stitched up the sides with a repeating pattern drawn on it in marker. This child is not only notices details but can also manipulate materials to represent it. I’m impressed! I think this one is a winner! For all that I kid about the artist jargon with Mewsette’s cardboard creations, I’m completely serious here.

I could see a number of themes throughout the exhibit that had been assigned, among them hamburgers, tennis shoes and frogs, otherwise there may have been more cats. There were plaster masks and clay teapots, and images done in collage and multi-media, some of them dimensional. Of course, I looked for the cat art!

Carson McGee, Grade 5
Carson McGee, Grade 5

This is a very intricate pattern of cat faces that interlock with the ears forming the chin, or the chin forming the ears, stacked atop one another but each with a different expression, hue, and color. I see a little bump on the top of each cat’s head that represents their little domed heads and the wide pointy cheeks that also denotes an attention to detail. It’s a very well-executed pattern that an adult might have difficulty achieving with just one line and no backtracking.

I love to see the art that young people create in that time when everyone is creative and everyone is an artist. I look for the ingenious ways they put together colors or textures, or what details of their subject they choose to include, and how they represent it. This is where they speak; skills aren’t usually as developed as they would be as an adult and with more training, if that be what happens. But at this point watching them learn is pretty exciting. I look for what others saw in my art at those ages too, and I realize what those early encouraging voices were telling me.

Ella Varga, Grade 2
Ella Warga, Grade 2

Ella Warga’s kitty shows a big kitty monster made of several collage elements with a couple of small humans behind, probably trying to decide what to do, as the sun shines and the clouds blow by overhead. The patterned piece is well-chosen for stripes.

And below, from one of the rolls of white paper from the tables, someone drew a kitty in crayon, saying “Meow”.


The whole exhibit was interesting and I have a link to the photos I took at the opening. The exhibit was at my local public library, Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, and I photographed it for the library and the things we will design later as well as simply attending the exhibit. I hope you enjoyed my review!

This was to be my Saturday article but between activities and the weather I fell a little behind. Now I’ll hopefully catch up again and get back to my regularly scheduled features!

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      Aren’t they incredible, Tabbies? I’m so glad they did this exhibit, and I really hope these kids have encouraging families!


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