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Daily Photo: Labor Day With a Different Meaning

For a cat who gave birth to six litters of kittens, “labor day” has a whole new meaning. Mimi is glad to be a paperweight and help me get work done on this particular day rather than go into labor giving birth to more kittens. I’m so glad to give

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From the Archives: August 31, 2007

Seven years ago today, this is what the Curious Quartet looked like, just about one month old, and they’ve totally trashed their playroom once again. Last year I just happened to be flipping through pictures in this folder and thought I should share the cuteness of a day with black

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Daily Photo: Mewsette is Sad

Mewsette is sad because everyone has chosen to use her latest cardboard interpretation as a bed without asking her permission or complimenting her work. Mewsette is sad because no one takes her art seriously, not even her own mother. Mewsette is sad because she wishes her mother and siblings would

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Daily Sketch: The Twist

Mewsette twists this way and that in the fervor of her bath. She knows she is modeling. Something interesting I’ve noticed about my sketches—they have grown larger over time. I started out with tiny sketches, some only 2″ x 4″, on 8″ x 10″ paper, now I fill up all

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Love Cats, 2012

Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine were bathing each other on my chair (yet more chair stealing today), and I sketched around, holding my place with my pencils until I caught the moment when, as Mewsette washed her brother’s face, he slipped his paws around her shoulders. That’s sweet enough, but when

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Daily Photo: Easy Sunday With Giuseppe As Pillow

Mewsette and Bean use their brother as a pillow for a long afternoon nap after a very tiring weekend, for me at least. Kitty bellies do make good pillows, I’ll agree with that. If it’s your purring sibling it must be like heaven. . . . . . . .

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From the Archives: August 21, 2007

On this date seven years ago…Jelly Bean and Giuseppe were cuddled on the bath rug for a little nap at nearly four weeks old. And here they are today…cuddled for a nap on the wardrobe. . . . . . . . And in other activities seven years ago…Mewsette met

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My Studio Assistants, Supervisors and Inspirations

What would I do without the assistance, guidance and support—and inspiration—of my family of felines? We’ve been busy lately preparing for my upcoming exhibit as well as making several custom orders and packaging orders and shipping them out. So this week, instead of featuring a new product, I’m featuring the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: On the Chair, 2013

Why I chose such an awkward angle I’ll never know, perhaps I just wanted a challenge, but I was totally taken by the simplicity of color and shape watching Mewsette settle down on the chair that was pushed under the table. There are other colors in the scene of course,

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Daily Photo: Got That Brother Trained

Mewsette purrs and appears smug as Mr. Sunshine diligently cleans behind her ears. That brother learned well. . . . . . . . What other photos did I feature around this date? Kitchen Snoopervisors, 2013 I have no idea why they were watching me so intently at the sink,

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