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Daily Photo Reprise: Five on the Floor, 2010

No wonder it got pretty quiet in here. The Big Four followed their mom’s example and decided to have a nap. They often decide to do the same things together or sleep in the same place, often on top of each other. Here I guess they lined up, starting with

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Birdwatching, a Family Activity

This is Mr. Sunshine (kind of listening to me), Mimi (intently watching) and Mewsette (crouching to pounce) watching birds at the feeder outside the dining room window. They sleep in a heap, and they watch birds in a cluster, all pressed together, often with mama Mimi in the middle. This

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Daily Photo: Snuggled All Safe in Their Baskets and Box

Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Mewsette are happily snuggled into their respective cat container. The lights provide a bit of warming light. After Jelly Bean got up to go and do cat things, or cuddle with Bella, Smokie took his place in the box, which is looking more battered every

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Mewsette in Sun

I still like this one, so much that I’ve had her up in my studio since this date last year! Mewsette lets the warm sun wash her back while she sits and simply looks lovely. I was in the mood for a more detailed pastel today, and decided to also

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Daily Sketch: The Impossible Angle

Mewsette wanted to play and sat quietly but intently looking at me to get me to wave that waxed paper backing from double sided tape, and gave me quite the assignment: use three hands to hold the sketchpad with one hand, draw with another, and wave the toy with a

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Daily Sketch: Mewsette Did Not Give Up Her Basket

In fact, she slept in it all afternoon (a reference to today’s photo). The lighting is a little puzzling because my worklight shone down on her back but left her head in shadow. The only real distinguishing factor is her ear. I had to sort my orders into another basket.

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Daily Photo: The Girl is All Right

Mewsette is not hard to convince, she’s just not always earthbound so she’s usually the last one to come around to new family members and interacting with them. Today she moved from her spot on the bed and intentionally went to sit right next to Bella, and wrapped her tail

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Wordless Wednesday: No, I’m Not Giving Up My Basket

Browse some rescued cats and kittens—or browse here or visit PittsburghCAT! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication.

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Rescue Story: Cookie’s Homecoming Day

On December 9, 1992, during a heavy storm of snow and ice, a little neighbor boy brought me a kitten he’d rescued but could not keep. That very special tortoiseshell kitten joined my household that day, though neither she nor I had any idea at the time how long or

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From the Archives: The Big Sister, 2007

From December 6, 2007, Cookie cuddles with a very young Mr. Sunshine, just past four months old. You see, it was Cookie who showed the Fantastic Four how to organize those fantastic naps on Mama Bernadette’s desk. So how did Cookie adapt to four vigorous kittens suddenly flying around the

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