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Daily Photo: The Magic Basket

Mewsette experiences the ambiance within the basket. She needs time and space to fully appreciate its depths. And without the canvas liner, she’d also be finding its inner essence and interpreting its being. Today it’s all about baskets. I placed one of my biggest display baskets—it’s actually a laundry basket

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Oh Very Young…2010

I first posted this in November 2010, a month after we had lost Peaches, but we still had our senior tortie team Cookie and Kelly who got the Senior Tortie Lunch Special each day; technically, they were geriatric, older than seniors. Mewsette, who was three years old at the time,

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Caturday Art: Coincidence of Color

Mewsette carefully watches my green apples, and I carefully watch the coincidence of color between the apples and her eyes. True, I did desaturate everything else in the image to be certain it was glowingly obvious. . . . . . . . We are part of the Caturday Art

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Daily Photo: Seven Black Cats in Four Square Feet

Looks like I may need a bigger cabinet!I finally got all seven of them up there at once—they do this at least once a day, but one jumps down or is completely hidden or the photo is just too blurry and the most I’ve posted on the cabinet so far

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Daily Photo: We Passed Our Exams

“So we get gold medals for this stuff? What are we supposed to do with gold medals?” I don’t want to tell them they are only rabies tags. Today was the day for our annual whole house exam with our house call veterinarian who has taken care of my feline

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Daily Photo Reprise: Lucky Seven, 2010

From this day in 2010… Here they are in a really lucky shot—all seven of my household ON the cabinet! Cookie and Kelly got their special noms as senior girls while I was working in the kitchen, and one by one all the others gathered around. Normally I don’t let

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Daily Photo: Studio Cats on a Cold Night

Smokie has stuffed himself and all his hair into a small shipping box. Mewsette is in her box observing and giving the little man some direction in how to interpret cardboard as he had begun to bite the edge of the flap in all seriousness. He may just be teething,

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Blue-Brown Cats

Mewsette gave Jelly Bean a very slow and thorough bath, just right for a sketch for me because they weren’t moving too much. The blue is really more of a teal and I like that color—it’s in the cup of old pastel pencils I have at my desk so it’s

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Everyone’s On My Desk

And this is what it feels like. Mimi took off, so she’s not in here. Mewsette, in red, is bathing herself, Giuseppe, green, and Mr. Sunshine, orange, are bathing each other, and Jelly Bean, blue, dozed through most of it even when Sunshine gave him a little bath. Someone, whose

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Daily Photo: Today’s Array, With Variations

Especially now that days are getting short and kind of chilly, my house panthers are always happy to settle on the cabinet in the middle of the kitchen. Ever since the cabinet has been in this spot cats have been gathering there. It’s bright and warm, food is generally imminent,

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