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Vintage Photo: The Little Four, 2007

Possibly my favorite photo of all their baby photos. I think it’s time I let them out of their playpen. The Curious Quartet have realized there is a world beyond their little bathroom playground, and at about eight weeks I see a maturing look in their expressions. Of course, I

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August Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: “Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground”

The choice is difficult for which artwork to feature and use for the desktop calendar—not because I have no ideas, but because I have so many possibilities! I wanted something to reflect the heat and sun of August, colorful and active for all the vacations and events that come about

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Daily Sketch: Pinwheels, A Nap on the Quilt

Mewsette and Bean were completely relaxed on the purple and white pinwheel quilt in my bedroom for the afternoon. Lucky them. I liked their silhouettes, but I also liked it when Bean turned and looked at me. I initially visualized this in colored pencil, but then tended toward watercolor pencil

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Daily Photo: Cat Shadows

About the only time Mimi will be larger than Mewsette, their shadows and the shadows of leaves fall on the floor in bright morning sun. We so enjoy looking out the basement door in the morning while I ride my bike and do laundry and even work on projects first

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Daily Photo: Out the Door

I only heard rustling and never saw the critter that held five black cats’ complete physical and emotional attention. Even though you can only see four sets of ears Jelly Bean is in the shadows and no matter how many photos I took I couldn’t get the silhouettes of five

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Two Cats in a Basket, the Sketch, 2012

Another view of Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette sharing the feline organization and containment device. They spent so much time there I thought I’d make the most of it, especially when they stopped moving around and settled down for their intended nap, Mr. Sunshine resting his chin on Mewsette’s head. I

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Daily Photo: The Third Cat

Two cats are happily napping on the bed in the afternoon. Oh, wait! There are three? Where is that third cat? Oh, I see! It’s that lump under the quilt! Giuseppe had to get his under-the-covers nap even though it’s not at all cold, quite pleasant, and not only that

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Nap on the Box, 2012

Mewsette and Mimi were looking quite sweet on the box this morning, while the box is losing its loft as the to is caving in from the weight of so many cats. I thought I’d give them a nice cool blue background in hopes it would keep them feeling cool

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Daily Photo Reprise: Five for Dinner, Please, 2013

From a year ago today! Someone was glad to see me come home after a long day! Mostly because they wanted dinner, but they performed so nicely for their food. They rarely line up on the cabinet anymore, but when they do they neatly line up in order of size

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Wordless Wednesday: Napping

Click here to vote for in the Petties. Best Cat Blog Best Blog Post Best Video Post Read more about the Petties in this post. Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not

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