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Daily Photo: Patiently Waiting for Dinner

Silly thing to do, filming my cats, especially when I should have been simply preparing their dinner! Tonight’s photo/sketch/whatever is the poster-edges image above and a short video I took in the kitchen just now, embedded below. The photo above is much like yesterday’s daily photo so I had to

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Milling About

I enjoyed watching them milling about in the kitchen thinking dinner would be served at any minute. How to tell there were three? Actually, I had wanted more, but this was enough. From front to back, it’s Mimi, Mewsette and Giuseppe. My hands and feet were busy today and though

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Daily Photo: Studio Cats Working Hard

Bean takes advantage of all the color-balanced lights to make certain his little white thong is sparkling clean. I have different uses for my studio accommodations and all the lights I’ve installed, but on a cool rainy day I’m outnumbered in there. Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine permitted me a

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Daily Sketch: Three Color Kitties

A sketch from observing my cats in the kitchen. I’m not exactly sure why I visualized them in these colors, but what I was studying was their strong shapes as silhouettes with minor highlights within, and the subtle differences in each of their shades of black as represented in red,

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Daily Photo: Forming New Patterns, a Two-year Retrospective

Mewsette has been exploring a medium closely-related to cardboard: fome-core. It’s stiff styrofoam coated on both sides by two-ply paper that I use to back my artwork when framing, so there’s quite a bit of the stuff around. Of course, the talented and inquisitive Mewsette would find a piece and

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Living Green With Pets: Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin!

October is the month for pumpkins! Get some fresh organic pumpkins now to process for your pets, snacks for yourself, and free bird seed for your feathered friends—and your own fresh home made pumpkin pies. Don’t forget to download your guide sheet to keep for shopping and cooking! If you

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Daily Sketch: Lights Above

Mewsette and Giuseppe settle under the lights above the cabinet in the kitchen. These early autumn evenings and pumpkin pie baking have kept us all in a cozy spot. I love to watch them and the shadows they make. I have a sketchbook and materials down there, so we’ll be

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Daily Photo: I Was Of Five Minds

I was of five minds like a cabinet on which there are five black cats. I totally apologize for the use of this stanza from one of my favorite poems, but the black cats and the blackbirds was just too much. It was they way they were arranged, where they

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Daily Sketch Reprise: The Surprise, 2012

A cat in a box is no surprise, but a box that turned out to be heavier than you thought that you open to find Mewsette happily napping in is a surprise, a very pleasant one. So, of course, I had to sketch her, because the moment I opened the

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Daily Photo Reprise: A Portrait of Me, 2013

My most elegant and precious Mademoiselle Daisy Emerald Marguerite, I have asked Mama Bernadette to take a photo of me for you to keep near you. I practiced my head tilt with my brother Mr. Sunshine and posed specially for this photo, just for you, my pretty flower. If you

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