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Daily Sketch Reprise: On the Chair, 2013

Why I chose such an awkward angle I’ll never know, perhaps I just wanted a challenge, but I was totally taken by the simplicity of color and shape watching Mewsette settle down on the chair that was pushed under the table. There are other colors in the scene of course,

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Daily Photo: Got That Brother Trained

Mewsette purrs and appears smug as Mr. Sunshine diligently cleans behind her ears. That brother learned well. . . . . . . . What other photos did I feature around this date? Kitchen Snoopervisors, 2013 I have no idea why they were watching me so intently at the sink,

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Daily Photo: You’ll Just Have to Stand

Mewsette and Giuseppe have occupied my chair, either or both, for days. I’ve been preparing for my upcoming art exhibit and they know that’s a lot of work, and if I sit down I might not get it all done. So, I saw even standing at my drafting table because

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Celebrating Black Cats, the Five and More

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and my five house panthers are taking the day off in celebration. I did try to get their wake-me-up dance but it was all a blur, and getting a selfie with all five—well, my arms aren’t long enough for that! But if you regularly

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Caturday Art: Sketchy

I took a sweet but very typical photo of Jelly Bean and Mewsette napping on my desk, one of a series I’d used, and did a little filtering and coloring to see what came up. I had actually wanted a totally different filter that looked like embossed paper, but too

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kitchen Business, 2013

Apparently, this is what they think the kitchen is for. Actually, we’ve been having fun in there now that the weather is cooler. We’ve destroyed a few boxes in the name of art and comfort, we’ve reorganized a few things and had a really great family time climbing in and

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Four Cats A-Bathing, 2013

I don’t know how I missed sharing this one yesterday! I still love it! This was another iteration of the amazing cat pile on the kitchen table from today (last year). I wanted a loose watercolor with sketchy pencil lines drawn into it to define the shapes a little more

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Daily Photo: Popcorn

“So what do you think?” “I’ll never complain about what she feeds us if this is what she has to eat.” “Kind of tastes like one of my cardboard interpretations.” “Do you think it’s actually here to pack in the boxes with stuff?” “No, I saw her eat some.” Mewsette

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Daily Photo Reprise: A Summer Afternoon, 2011

There they sit, butts on the cabinet and paws on the windowsill as if it’s a table, watching the backyard and the neighborhood beyond on a hot summer afternoon, just like two old “studda bubbas” sitting on the “stoop” looking “ahtside” (they are Pittsburgh cats after all). I’m tempted to

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Daily Photo: Strange Doughnut-shaped Formation

I looked up to see a strange doughnut-shaped object lying on my desk, covering most of the free space and not moving. Seen from above it seemed to be made of black cat fur but characteristics were difficult to distinguish, was it one very long black cat? On closer inspection

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