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Daily Sketch Reprise: Pinwheels, A Nap on the Quilt, 2014

Mewsette and Bean were completely relaxed on the purple and white pinwheel quilt in my bedroom for the afternoon. Lucky them. I liked their silhouettes, but I also liked it when Bean turned and looked at me. I initially visualized this in colored pencil, but then tended toward watercolor pencil

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It’s Great, We’re Eight!

It’s a big day in our house! Guess whose birthday it is? I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. They didn’t actually arrive at my house with their mama Mimi until July 29, which is an even bigger day for us, but today we celebrate their arrival in the world

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Daily Photo: What They Did All Day

I worked in the studio through the afternoon and while I had some supervision at first I guess everyone got tired of me and all my stuff laying around. Later I left the room and looked in my bedroom to see six of them on the bed, the only two

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Daily Photo: Laps Are Nice

Charm has always been friendly and affectionate and liked to be held, but since she found herself free of both kittens and hormones she’s been on the go, making up for lost time, with no time for laps. In the past few days she’s been stepping onto my lap and

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Daily Photo: Mixing it Up

It’s still hot and they’ve been complaining so why are they all lying around in the sun? It started out with Mimi on the box, then Giuseppe settled near her, Basil sat down near them in the sun and Mewsette came over to enjoy some family time. Before you knew

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Two Cats in a Basket, the Sketch, 2012

Another view of Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette sharing the feline organization and containment device. They spent so much time there I thought I’d make the most of it, especially when they stopped moving around and settled down for their intended nap, Mr. Sunshine resting his chin on Mewsette’s head. I

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Daily Photo Reprise: Five for Dinner, Please

Someone was glad to see me come home after a long day! Mostly because they wanted dinner, but they performed so nicely for their food. They rarely line up on the cabinet anymore, but when they do they neatly line up in order of size while they eat. And they

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Nap on the Box, 2012

Mewsette and Mimi were looking quite sweet on the box this morning, while the box is losing its loft as the to is caving in from the weight of so many cats. I thought I’d give them a nice cool blue background in hopes it would keep them feeling cool

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Brushy Mewsette

This started out with nice clear lines, but a bath is not always a methodical thing. I think I caught Mewsette at her toilette, though. Click here to see other daily sketches. For a gallery of the ones available for sale, visit my Etsy shop in the “Cat Art and

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Three Busy Kitties

They are glad to be back together now that the heat is over, and what better to celebrate than a communal bath? Mewsette cleans the necessary areas while Giuseppe takes a break from washing himself to turn and wash Bean’s face. This was after Mewsette washed his face, and before

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