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Daily Sketch: Just Doodlin’, an Interactive Effort

I have to admit this sketch would not have ended up like this if not for the watchful eye and intervening paw of Giuseppe. Sunshine sat on the cabinet in the kitchen thinking lofty thoughts as Mewsette washed her face, a nice enough sketch but Mr. Sunshine moved his head

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Wordless Wednesday: Lace and Shadows

Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication. If you are interested in

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Daily Sketch: Cozy Afternoon

The girls were sleeping on the bed on this disappointingly cold afternoon. The boys had been there earlier and torn up the place, burrowing under the bedspread and peeling it back, then leaving it, but Mewsette and Mimi found the wrinkles and folds very nice for sinking into. Green ivy

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Daily Photo: Keeping Our Tails Crossed

We normally roll with whatever the weather brings because if we don’t like it, we just need to wait a few minutes and it will be different. But after this winter we are really done with cold and snow and we were ready for all the windows to be open

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Daily Sketch: Milling

I watched them milling around my legs like koi in a pond, waiting for some action on a day when I was up and down and all over the house and they followed me, anticipating my next move. I pictured them, colorful, on a dark background, loose and active, a

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Daily Photo: Now, and Then, Some Things Never Change, 2008, 2014

The other day I photographed a wonderful series of black cats with lace curtain (and beginning a sketch along with them) as well as Mewsette and Mimi in one of their two-level wrestling matches, Mewsette on the wardrobe and Mimi plotting behind the lace curtain. Later I went digging through

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Leaning, 2012

Mewsette sits up tall with her head under the work lamp, effectively blocking my light and a portion of my monitor. Giuseppe cuddles up there where it’s warm and uses Mewsette’s back as a pillow. I will give them the time it takes me to sketch them, but I am

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From the Archives: Mewsette and Sunshine, 2008

From this date in 2008, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine look like a big pretzel on the bed, nine months old, less than half the size the two are now. Mewsette is slightly larger than Sunshine and she was very much a nanny, giving her brothers baths all the time. That’s

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Daily Photo: Considering a New Medium

Mewsette, my visual artist, inspects the paintbrushes I’ve just cleaned and left to dry. Perhaps she’s considering trying out a new medium after watching me use them for a few paintings. I’m not sure if she’s considering painting with them, or interpreting what they have to say as she does

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Daily Photo Reprise: Four in a Bed, 2013

For Bean, this is natural! It’s Mimi, Giuseppe, Bean and Mewsette. Everyone smile pretty for the camera…well, sort of…at least try to look at me all at the same time? Everyone turn left and look at the birds on the feeder! Now, everyone relax and look natural. Inspired by felines

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