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Daily Photo: Six in the Kitchen

(Posted on Facebook earlier this evening.) From our kitchen to yours, hope you have a great–and safe–holiday weekend! From Charm, Giuseppe, Basil, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette (Bella is the dark thing in front of the window on the cat tree in the corner and Mimi is on the

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Daily Photo: New Fosters, Alvin, Simon and Theodore

Yes, something else has been taking extra time lately, some new kittens to foster, and yes, you do who they are named for. I had told foster Debby, who had at one point recently, no lie, 27 foster cats and kittens, that I would help her with a few. She

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Daily Sketch Reprise: The Cat Mountains, 2013

When I posted this yesterday I was unhappy with the results of the scan, finding it too contrasty, and mentioned I’d photograph it again in daylight, which I did. This is what you see, above, and it’s far more accurate for color and contrast, while the original scan is below.

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Daily Photo: Naps

It’s pretty nice when your big foster sis decides to use you as a pillow for a nap. Bella is being cool about it, but I could hear her purring from my desk. . . . . . . . What other photos did I feature on this date? .

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Garden Sketch With Mimi, 2013

This was not what I’d intended but I like it anyway. It’s Mimi napping in the shadow on the cool bricks among the geraniums, near the vintage aluminum tub where I grow pole beans. Mimi was so happy to be outside she only rested in each position for less than

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Daily Sketch Reprise: The Basement Door, 2012

This was actually from June 24 last year, but kitties watching out the basement door was an all-day activity today. Generations of cats have sat and looked out this door. It’s right on ground level, though there is a small slab of concrete and the brick patio I built, but

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Daily Photo: Dinner for Eight

What dinnertime looks like in our kitchen. I forgot to move the cardboard box everyone has been playing with so they were a little more crowded than they or I liked, but no one stopped eating. I had to stand up on a stool to be able to hold the

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Daily Photo: International Box Day, New Directions

It’s International Box Day and Mewsette is moving to a new theme: miniatures. Tired of the big boxes from copy paper and leftovers from Costco, Mewsette has decided to go small and delicate. She’s not certain, but this little one might actually be finished. Meanwhile, Mimi, the original Queen of

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Daily Photo: Intent

It’s not often they hold still long enough to get a good closeup of just their eyes, but Mewsette is very contemplative and focused. She just happened to be focused enough that I could catch a clear photo of her eyes. All that inky black fur and luminous eyes no

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June Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: “In Afternoon Sun”

For me June is a celebration of sunlight, and the more the better. Add in all those green leaves on the hillsides all around me—and on my own trees right outside my windows—and that’s what I think of for this month. Even though I try to mix up the media

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