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Big Kitty Love

This magnificent cat was rescued and originally placed with someone who unfortunately not only let him out, but literally kicked him out, causing a permanent injury. Felix found himself back with his original rescuers who kept a registered rescue for cats in their home. His forever family had recently lost

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Percy, Ebi and Augie, a Portrait of Calico Cats

Yesterday I told the rescue story of little Augie, the kitty in the center of this portrait, and a little about her sisters, Percy and Ebi. Today I’ll tell you more about them, and about their portrait. The initial reason for wanting a portrait was to remember Augie, her brief

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The August Kitten

Many years ago a couple decided they needed at least one animal companion to share their lives. Both S., the woman, and M., the man, worked, often long hours, and traveled, so they decided they would adopt at least one cat, preferably two, to share their lives. They headed for

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Out in the Garden: 2011

This is the photo I referenced in today’s rescue story… Emerson thinks about all the wonderful sights and sounds and smells he’d experience out in the garden. There’s just something about a cat looking out a window that I always find appealing. This is one of the many photos I

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A Bridge Between the Ages

“Holly was my first and only kitten,” Judi told me. “All my cats were adults that I rescued or adopted. She was a real treat—I’d never seen the energy of a kitten.” Holly was about six weeks old when Judi’s partner Don brought her home in the cereal box and

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I’ll Be Seeing You

Seeing Mimi settling down near Peaches’ portrait reminded me of another instance of a cat communicating with one of my portraits, and an unintended rescue that turned into a lifetime devotion to cats. I usually keep in touch with the family for whom I’ve created a portrait. We’ve often done

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The Little Outdoor Family

A rescue story of a different sort today: caring for cats outdoors who’ve come to visit the back patio and started families. I know this photo is marginally clear because of the reflections on the glass, but there are four tabby cats here, cared for by a couple who live

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Kitties and Curtains and Watercolors

Back when I was just beginning in animal portraiture a friend and fellow cat rescuer showed me photos of her cats, Buster and Kitty, and offered me prints in case I’d ever like to create paintings from any of them. Though I have difficulty just keeping up with my own

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In Good Company: Cat Writers’ Association Communication Contest Awards

I couldn’t be in White Plains, NY, with all my fellow members of the Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) this Friday and Saturday, but I was there as much as possible in spirit, obsessively checking e-mail and Facebook to read news of what was happening in the workshops and social gatherings,

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Mail Call

Well, The Creative Cat has won a Certificate of Excellence in the Cat Writers Association (CWA) Communications Contest! Thank you, Namir, for inspiring me to do this! And so has Great Rescues as a gift book, as well as the illustrations and the notebook paper, “22 Cats” in the back

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