Why People Do—and Don’t—Adopt Cats

It’s proven in statistics and surveys that, although more cats than dogs are kept as household pets, cats overall get

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Mimi, on “Mother’s Day”

Mimi’s annual Mother’s Day address Sì, Mi chiamano Mimì, … That’s my famous self-introduction, “Yes, they always call me Mimi…”

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Lucy and I Fought the Good Fight

Normally I’d have a cat spayed at about four months, six at the latest depending on the circumstances. So much

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Coming in July

July brings the anniversary of many things feline-related—losses, rescues, births, new artwork, and I’m looking forward to sharing the stories

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Mimi’s 2006 Children: Lucy, Charlotte, Angus and Donal

Mimi continues her Mother’s Day article with an introduction to one of her litters of kittens. I’d like to tell

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