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Kitty Things: A Pretty Window, and Some Memories

I knew I’d like this shop when I parked outside and saw this window from the outside, then when I talked to the owner and saw it from the inside with the sun shining though I liked the window and the shop even more. A big old brick home with

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Daily Photo Reprise: It’s Time for That Apple Crisp, 2013

“I noticed you purchased an extra bag of green apples this week.” Nothing gets past my kitchen monitor. “Are we going to make an apple crisp today?” I really did purchase an extra bag of green apples this week, and they were indeed intended for an apple crisp. “Look, I’m

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Vintage Photo: Spring Afternoon, 2000

As I was photographing my notecards this morning at the sunny window at the top of the stairs I remembered a photo of Kelly I’d recently seen among my boxes of photo prints. Wish I had a negative scanner so I could capture the details, but you just can’t miss

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Wordless Wednesday, From the Archives: The Garden Party, 2009

Read more about this photo at Afternoon in the Garden and Friends at the End. Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are

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Daily Photo Reprise: Catnip Party, 2011

Three of the girls organize an impromptu catnip party on the sunny landing. Cookie was enjoying the catnip candy cane first, and invited Mimi and Mewsette to take turns biting, licking and rubbing their faces on the upstairs catnip candy cane. Cookie gets her turn. Then it’s time for Mewsette

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Daily Photo: Il Fagiolini

I heard a classical piece entitled “Il Fagiolini” or “The Little Bean”. Exactly! My little Bean is bigger than most beans, but he’s still smaller than all the other beans in the house! And he’s just as cute. And now he has a fancy Italian food name like his brother

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Daily Photo Reprise: The Big Branch, 2010

Most of the snow is melted out there, and new snow falling is pretty but not amounting to much as Mimi and I continue to “look for spring”, but four years ago this is what it looked like—nearly a foot of snow still to melt though it was warm and

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Daily Photo Reprise: Tortoiseshell Cat Stares Down Inner Demons, 2011

I was waiting for this one to come around! It’s a little blurry, but I only had one chance. Clever pun, huh? Do you see the demons inside, staring out the door? Five—count ‘em, five—dark solemn beings with pale eyes all staring directly at Cookie? They don’t bother Cookie because

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Catamount Brushmore, and the 12 Sketches of Cats Calendar

“Catamount Brushmore” is the March featured artwork in 12 Sketches of Cats Calendar. Each page is digitally printed in the same archival inks and acid-free natural 100# smooth cover stock I use for my digital art prints so when the calendar month is done you still have a framable piece

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Daily Photo Reprise: Sweetly Sleeping, 2011

Now there’s a sweet memory! From 2011… I’ve been looking at Cookie sleep for 19 years, but I could look at a face like this, nestled in the ruffles on my sweater, all the rest of the evening. I certainly didn’t move my hand too much until she awoke! I

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