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Daily Photo Reprise: Cookie Picks Her Own Sweet Corn, 2011

If there was any doubt that Cookie liked sweet corn, she proved it wrong every time I brought some into the house, whether it was from my garden or from the market. Last year, I barely had time to remove the salad greens and peppers from the basket before Cookie

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Daily Photo Reprise: Lunch First, Photos Later, Maybe: 2011

I miss my tortie girls every day, even if I know they’d sometimes be annoyed with what I was doing. Cookie and Kelly decidedly do not look at me when I take their photo. I should be feeding them lunch, not fooling around with that thing I put in front

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Daily Photo Reprise: Cookie in Speckles, 2011

Cool, sunny summer mornings are rare, but if they are not spent outside, they are best spent by the basement door, at eye level with all that’s going on in the back yard, catching the breeze and enjoying the play of sun and shadow. So says Cookie, a connoisseur of

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Daily Photo Reprise: Sweet Dreams, and a…Tomato for Your Pillow, 2011

When a kitty is really tired, anything will do for a bed and pillow. I was kidding Cookie about perhaps having had a little ” ‘nip” and being, um, a little out of sorts. She sat up, washed her face and had a drink of water, but later she was

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From the Archives: Everyone on the Bed, June 12, 2007

My entire feline family at the moment on June 12, 2007, clockwise from top: Lucy, Cookie, Peaches, Mr. Peach, Namir and Kelly. Only seven years ago, and the styles were completely different. I have a few of these through the years, all the cats in the household gathered together. It

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Vintage Photos: Looking Out the Basement Door, 1997 and 2002 and Today

Cookie and Sophie sit side by side at the basement door, these two BFFs and my guardian kitties. No doubt Cookie was unhappy at not being outside with me but I was likely doing something like cutting the grass and she was much better off inside. Sophie didn’t mind either

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Daily Photo Reprise: Hugging My Cookie for Hug Your Cat Day

Yes, hugging Cookie and giving her a scratch on the chin, just the way she liked it! In August 2011 when I was promoting Great Rescues Calendar and Gift Book the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article in the South/West edition about me and my artwork, Carnegie Artist Creates Calendar of

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Daily Photo Reprise: How Do You Like Them Apples? 2011

One of my favorites photos of Cookie! Not sure if Cookie was espousing the apple-a-day ideal, but she sure seemed to be enjoying sitting in the sun. Or perhaps she was worried about the apples. Cookie did things like that, sat near things that needed to be fixed or moved

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Daily Photo Reprise: Easy Like Sunday, 2011

I actually went upstairs periodically through the afternoon and photographed them as they displayed all possible attitudes of relaxation on the bed in my shady bedroom on a hot afternoon. Mimi usually sleeps in a ball but here relaxes, stretching her legs to touch Mr. Sunshine who is curled, head

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From the Archives, for Memorial Day

Of course, on Memorial Day, I remember my father who was a veteran of WWII, and all my male relatives from my parents’ generation, all of whom served in the same war. Older cousins, both male and female, served in later conflicts and in peacetime, and I am honestly grateful

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