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Perhaps the Storm is Finally Over, 2015

Hurricane Katrina, Namir, a household of cats and realizing a lot about love after multiple losses. Celebrating Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day with fellow blogger Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection. I originally posted this article on August 30, 2009, and each year since I’ve posted it on the

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Daily Photo: From the Archives and Reprises, Torties and Tri-colors

Mimi and Peaches have a little slumber party on the Dora bed on July 31, 2010. I visited my sister and saw this foam child’s bed ready for the trash because her granddaughter had outgrown it. I thought it would make a great cat bed! She gave it to me,

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Daily Photo Reprise: Lunch First, Photos Later, Maybe, 2011

I miss my tortie girls every day, even if I know they’d sometimes be annoyed with what I was doing. Especially when I chose to take a photo before feeding them because they were acting so “cute”. Cookie and Kelly decidedly do not look at me when I take their

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Daily Photo Reprise: Cookie Picks Her Own Sweet Corn, 2011

If there was any doubt that Cookie liked sweet corn, she proved it wrong every time I brought some into the house, whether it was from my garden or from the market. Last year, I barely had time to remove the salad greens and peppers from the basket before Cookie

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Daily Photo: May 22, 2009

In my post today about the photo I’d used for my new animal sympathy card I mentioned finding the photo, one I really wanted, three years after I’d taken it. I look back at the photos I took that morning, just like any other morning with the three of us

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From the Archives: Independence Day Through the Years

Stanley is a little sleepy but we wanted to send you wishes for a nice Independence Day, even if you’re not American! We hope everyone manages to get through the official and unofficial fireworks displays, keeps out of grills and doesn’t eat too much of anything they aren’t supposed to.

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From the Archives: Watch Your Own Berries, We’re Busy

On this date back in 2008 Namir and Cookie and I enjoyed a summer morning in the back yard. The last week of June is raspberry time in my back yard, and I’d gone around with a bowl to pick whatever was ripe, and likely I was photographing insects and

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From the Archives: Everyone on the Bed, June 12, 2007

My entire feline family at the moment on June 12, 2007, clockwise from top: Lucy, Cookie, Peaches, Mr. Peach, Namir and Kelly. Only eight years ago, and the styles were completely different. I have a few of these through the years, all the cats in the household gathered together. It

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It’s Tortie Girls Time!

The gold and orange and yellow of tortoiseshell cats may seem more of an autumn theme, but for me those bright colors always meant June and sunshine. I love to welcome the summer with my tortie girls Cookie and Kelly on as many items as I can make. Not everyone

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Daily Photo Reprise: Tortie Sez, “Game Over.” 2011

This is the tortie version of, “Get over it, mom. It doesn’t make sense to get mad at the computer because it doesn’t care what you think. We do. Just pet one of us and everything will be okay.” Last year I had a big pile of work that wasn’t

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