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Daily Photo: Teen and Tabby

“After a week apart & long drive home, this is how I found the girls this morning. Of course Baby is asking why I wake her up for picture time. Those two are peas in a pod,” their mom says. This is my great-niece Cassidy and my great-cat Baby. They

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Featured Artwork: Toddler and Tabby Cat, Two Sketches

How about that—a little human along with a kitty! I actually know these two, in fact, they are related: the little girl is my great-niece Cassidy and the kitty is her family kitty, Elsa, one of my great-cats. They’re having a really good nap. I have two sketches in this

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portraits: The Cat of a Lifetime

IF YOU’LL ONLY BE ABLE to share your life with one cat, then finding a cat like Sherman is truly finding the cat of a lifetime. And their attachment was so profound they couldn’t decide on one final image of Sherman, but decided to go for two. . . .

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Daily Photo: Recent Transports

When I went to meet the kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean, I also helped to transport Carly, the really fun and playful and outgoing three-legged dilute calico from the clinic last Sunday on a leg of her journey from the clinic in Tarentum to her potential adoptive home. Debbie, the

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Daily Photo Reprise: Disco and Brighton, 2013

Of all the photos I’ve taken so far of people and animals at BlogPaws this one came out the best without any correction from Photoshop, so you get to meet Disco, a Sphynx, and Brighton, a Cornish Rex, of Curlz and Swirlz, wearing their conference casual clothes. Their fur sister,

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Rescue Story: All for Alli

A 16-YEAR-OLD ABANDONED CAT with intestinal issues and other apparent illnesses—who would spend the time and money on her when so many other cats are in need? But two rescuers could not turn their backs on sweet and affectionate Alli regardless of the issues she arrived with. . . .

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A Long-ago Foster

AS WE ENCOUNTER cats who need homes, we find some of them only need a little help—or, technically, their human does. People’s lives change, sometimes beyond their control, and sometimes in ways they can control more easily if someone were to lend them a hand. A number of the cats

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Window Kitty: Amber Buttercup, Warm on a Cold Day

Though it’s bright and sunny it’s also 16 degrees and windy, but Amber Buttercup keeps toasty warm in her customized window from where she can observe her domain, including that obnoxious pest with the black eye-thing that she points repeatedly at Her Highness, disturbing the Queen’s meditation. I have never

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Others’ Fine Felines: Fairway at Her Window

When do stripes and flower prints go together perfectly? When Fairway is sitting on a brightly flowered couch. And the navy wall complements her warm tan purrfectly. Her human understands how a feline must have these surroundings; her human is Bonita Farinelli, who owns Distinctively Different Decor & More and

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Daily Photo: Bonne Fête à Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite

Bonne Fête 14 à Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite! My most exquisite beloved flower, I am looking out the big window to the northeast where you live in the cold north land, I watch the world turn to ice, I reach for the falling snowflakes and tell them to rush off on

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