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Window Kitty: Amber Buttercup, Warm on a Cold Day

Though it’s bright and sunny it’s also 16 degrees and windy, but Amber Buttercup keeps toasty warm in her customized window from where she can observe her domain, including that obnoxious pest with the black eye-thing that she points repeatedly at Her Highness, disturbing the Queen’s meditation. I have never

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Others’ Fine Felines: Fairway at Her Window

When do stripes and flower prints go together perfectly? When Fairway is sitting on a brightly flowered couch. And the navy wall complements her warm tan purrfectly. Her human understands how a feline must have these surroundings; her human is Bonita Farinelli, who owns Distinctively Different Decor & More and

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Daily Photo: Bonne Fête à Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite

Bonne Fête 14 à Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite! My most exquisite beloved flower, I am looking out the big window to the northeast where you live in the cold north land, I watch the world turn to ice, I reach for the falling snowflakes and tell them to rush off on

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Rescue Story: Murphy, and the Happy Entanglement of Rescue

This story brings together details from several other rescue stories I’ve written including Cookie and the woman in the blue house who I witnessed rescuing the tabby and white cat. At the end of this story I ended up with Cookie, and that’s always given me a few things to

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Daily Photo: JayLynn

I met JayLynn at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo and she is indeed one relaxed kitty. In an exhibit hall with absolutely no acoustics, she was with Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue in an area featuring the canine agility proving ground and the canine grooming competition, full of barking, happy dogs and

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Others’ Fine Felines: Agway Girls

I browsed the shelves of the Agway for my bird seed and cat litter and a few cans of something exciting for the Five and for Emeraude, and as I did a quiet little feline presence walked right up to me and did figure-8s around my ankles. She is one

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Rescue Story: Simon Says…

“What are you looking at?” Simon lives with the family of Cooper, one of my portrait subjects, who have been rescuing cats for years. Animals are amazingly adaptive when it comes to changes in their bodies. Simon was a stray being fed outside by this couple who live in a

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Other’s Fine Felines: Virginia

“I always wanted to be a model,” the slender white cat wearing a gray cloche hat at a jaunty angle said. “Unfortunately, I caught this disease and my career was over. But I’d so like it if you’d take my photo.” Sweet, quiet, dignified, that is Virginia. Virginia is one

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Others’ Fine Felines: Cranberry in Sunshine

A sculptural Cranberry suns herself on her front step. Our cousin kitty Cranberry lives with a friend, and when I go to visit I am always sure to get at least one photo of her. Below, do you see that long path of sun that leads right to Cranberry? She

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Others’ Fine Felines: Fairway

Meet 19-year-old Fairway, rescued from, you guessed it, a golf course. But there’s more to it than that! Fairway lives with four other rescued kitties and Bonita Farinelli, who owns Distinctively Different Decor & More here in Carnegie, though Fairway came some distance to be here. Bonita was vacationing with

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