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Daily Sketch: Mewsette’s Nap, and in Blue

So plushy Mewsette was napping on the bed with the diffuse light from the window, which faces northwest. All her soft edges were even softer, and I loved the angle at which I’d first seen her, from the top of the head down, so that her face was foreshortened and

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Daily Sketch: Bothering Brother

Jelly Bean was trying to have a serious after-dinner sleep but Giuseppe was just goofing off and being a pest, rolling all over the bed and intentionally bumping into Bean. That’s a brother for you. A little bit later, as the rest of the family joined the two on the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Just Try to Make This Bed, 2013

Instead I sketched him. The window over my bed faces northwest and only gets angled direct sunlight in the late afternoon. All through the day the light is diffused through the trees outside with just a bit of reflected skylight cast down onto the bed, but the light has a

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Poetry: For Pet Memorial Sunday

I’ll be speaking a little later today about “Loving Again After Loss, Why We Adopt Pets” at the Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation and remembering again all the cats who came to shape my life and left me a better person. Just as my cats have

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Daily Sketch Reprise: WhirlyCats, 2013

Sleeping curled into each other like blades on a fan, Mewsette and Giuseppe made me think of a pinwheel spinner of sorts. This is drawn and colored with my brush markers in one of my favorite styles, often compared with Andy Warhol’s style for his series of cats, so I

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Catamount Brushmore, 2013

I mean no disrespect to these four presidents, but when I looked down from my computer screen at the four, this is what I saw. Well, what I saw is above, but really, this was what I immediately visualized—look at the photo below I used for reference! Not quite the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Just Fits, and With Color, 2013

Any cat who gets in my way gets sketched. That’s the way it’s been lately, anyway, and Giuseppe decided to nap in the basket I’d had merchandise orders in, and he would not get out of it, even though he did not exactly fit in it. He really scrunched himself

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Small Canvas Prints of Artwork

I like to have a selection of small canvas prints on hand and with the coming of the autumn shopping season I’m stocking up—plus, I get a great deal if I purchase several at once, and I can pass that on to you. I recently ordered these six canvas prints

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: “Trumpet and Jasper”

CATS CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE and steal your heart and change your life. These two cats came from anonymous places but filled a woman’s heart, a woman who had never had a cat before and began rescuing because she loved them so much. And though she’d adopted these two in

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Daily Sketch: Cuddles

This was the scene when Sunshine and Mewsette decided to cuddle down for a nap after the sisterly forehead lick earlier today. Spooning together, Mr. Sunshine slept with his chin on Mewsette’s back. I have always loved it when my cats settle on the bed in the afternoon. I often

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