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Daily Sketch Reprise: Sitting on the Floor With My Cats

They are not quite on my lap, and there are a few on either side of me who didn’t make it into the sketch, but it’s one of my favorite ways to spend some time with my cats, especially with just one me and more cats than that. When I

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Daily Sketch: The Zen of Basket, After Toulouse-Lautrec

So one of the “other ideas glimmering in my periphery” from yesterday did stay with me today—the two cats cuddled in the basket like Yin and Yang, but in the style of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the reason for the red cats. If you’re wondering about that, visit this post that

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Daily Sketch: The Zen of Basket

When cats find a basket, they find inner peace. In fact, a cat in a basket IS inner peace. Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine are curled together like Yin and Yang, sharing and commingling and multiplying their inner peace. In fact, they were probably practicing zazen and were discovering universal insights

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Daily Photo: The Magic Basket

Mewsette experiences the ambiance within the basket. She needs time and space to fully appreciate its depths. And without the canvas liner, she’d also be finding its inner essence and interpreting its being. Today it’s all about baskets. I placed one of my biggest display baskets—it’s actually a laundry basket

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Daily Sketch: Laundry Day

Today was a busy day around the household with several weekends taken up with activities and busy weeks in between recently. Though I’d planned some yardwork when warmer weather was forecast for today, it turned out cold and rainy with dangerous roads in the morning, a great day to do

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Daily Sketch Reprise: First Light

Mimi on the bathroom windowsill, watching the birds and the leaves. This is a little more than a sketch, but I wanted to pursue the idea I saw as I finished my shower. Mimi moved around as I quickly snapped a photo, grabbed a robe, dried my hands and got

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Coming Back to Bed?

I hadn’t made the bed yet, perhaps Jelly Bean and Giuseppe thought I’d join them to be their favorite warm body pillow. They certainly looked inviting, though I ended up making the bed as they settled in for a serious afternoon nap. Finishing my sketch was better than a nap.

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Saturday Morning

“Don’t act like you’re dead. We know dead things. We’re cats.” Yeah, this is pretty much what I saw when I woke up this morning. I may have slept a little later than usual, but not by much. I could only see two over the edge of the covers, Giuseppe’s

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Blue-Brown Cats

Mewsette gave Jelly Bean a very slow and thorough bath, just right for a sketch for me because they weren’t moving too much. The blue is really more of a teal and I like that color—it’s in the cup of old pastel pencils I have at my desk so it’s

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Commissioned Portrait: Steeler

This portrait is a very special tortoiseshell kitty named Steeler, who I actually had the chance to meet just one time. This portrait was a surprise gift to Steeler’s human, in memory of Steeler. Here is a little of the story of Steeler and her person. Though Steeler and her

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