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Daily Sketch: Milling

I watched them milling around my legs like koi in a pond, waiting for some action on a day when I was up and down and all over the house and they followed me, anticipating my next move. I pictured them, colorful, on a dark background, loose and active, a

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Tonal Nap, 2013

Giuseppe was napping, as usual, outside the door of my studio in a pool of sun on the landing. We’ve all grown accustomed to that piece of cardboard, they’ve been enjoying it as a scratching item and bed and big toy, and I’ve been enjoying it as an art element

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Anniversary Sketch Reprise: Two Cats After van Gogh, and More

I looked at yesterday’s little sketch at my desk and decided that if I was to truly create homage to van Gogh, I needed to have a background for these two to exist within, especially that lovely cerulean blue and turquoise van Gogh often used, and lots of little sketch

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Leaning, 2012

Mewsette sits up tall with her head under the work lamp, effectively blocking my light and a portion of my monitor. Giuseppe cuddles up there where it’s warm and uses Mewsette’s back as a pillow. I will give them the time it takes me to sketch them, but I am

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Daily Sketch: Spring Morning

Such a lovely spring morning with sunlight so full of color. Mimi was feeling the weather and was everywhere—every windowsill, every spot of sun, challenging her children to wrestling matches they running off and wrestling with the roll of paper towels. But she allowed herself a few quiet moments to

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“Kitties Being Kitties” Note Cards

Sometimes the simplicity of a single color line or tone on a beautiful paper stock tells the story more expressively than a full-color, scenic rendering. These four cards were my very first set of note cards, published in 1993. I began these drawings in the late 80s in response to

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Featured Artwork: Kitties and Curtains

The sunlight, the curtain, the cats in the window, this little watercolor makes me think of spring. Back when I was just beginning in animal portraiture a friend and fellow cat rescuer showed me photos of her cats, Buster and Kitty, and offered me prints in case I’d ever like

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Daily Sketch: Listening to Granados, de Falla and Rodrigo

If you don’t know your Spanish classical guitar composers, now is your chance. I was listening to them while I painted this, but it could also be that Fromage was listening to them when I took the photo. No, this is not one of my Five. Don’t I have enough

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Daily Sketch: Pink Towel

Mr. Sunshine quietly watches out the door from the vantage point of the stool where I sit to put my shoes on (when there’s not a cat sleeping there), and where felines greet humans at the door. The pink towel is, well, a temporary air-block for really cold nights which

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Three for Dinner, 2012

Some things never change, I was going to do another sketch very much like this one this evening, but the day was so full I missed the chance and several others. Now I see last year on this day we were doing very much the same thing but it would

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