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Daily Sketch Reprise: Emeraude, 2013

Yes, it’s Emeraude’s debut as a daily sketch! She loves to sit on the windowsill, but today it was something special, gentle dapples, lots of green, and that lovely curve of her head and her back and her tail. She has the same mahogany tones in her fur as Mimi

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: Percy, Augie and Ebi

SOMETIMES THE SHORTEST lives and the smallest cats leave the biggest pawprints on your heart, and the generosity of people who adopt from shelters and rescue cats off the street is a lifetime habit. . . . . . . . A couple headed for the Animal Rescue League in

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Daily Sketch Reprise: On the Chair, 2013

Why I chose such an awkward angle I’ll never know, perhaps I just wanted a challenge, but I was totally taken by the simplicity of color and shape watching Mewsette settle down on the chair that was pushed under the table. There are other colors in the scene of course,

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Rescue Story: The August Kitten

In the middle of the night during a July thunderstorm many years ago a couple awoke to hear what sounded like a baby crying outside, and noticed their two cats Percy and Ebi on the windowsill intently watching something. They knew it had to be a cat, but on investigation

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kitchen Business, 2013

Apparently, this is what they think the kitchen is for. Actually, we’ve been having fun in there now that the weather is cooler. We’ve destroyed a few boxes in the name of art and comfort, we’ve reorganized a few things and had a really great family time climbing in and

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Daily Sketch: Stamped Kitty

After I finished up stamping part of my designs on a few notecards, I decided to have a little fun with the stamps. I won a basket of feline-themed stamps in a drawing several years ago and have a number of other nature-themed stamps as well, but I rarely use

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Four Cats A-Bathing, 2013

I don’t know how I missed sharing this one yesterday! I still love it! This was another iteration of the amazing cat pile on the kitchen table from today (last year). I wanted a loose watercolor with sketchy pencil lines drawn into it to define the shapes a little more

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: “Felix”, Big Kitty Love

SOMETIMES PEOPLE START with purebred cats because it’s what they learned when young, or they met a cat—or dog or other pet—that they so loved they want to find another animal just like it. But once they meet a rescue cat, there is no turning back. Felix’s people have adopted

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Daily Sketch: Back to Back

If they’re going to sleep all over my desk, they are going to be sketched. I like the shapes they make in their communal naps, and here I could see that one strong line from Mimi to Giuseppe and back. Out came the brush pen to see if I could

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly Has a Drink, 2012

What legs! Kelly really does have long legs, especially when she does her drinking dance, solidly planting all four paws, then prancing her hind paws and waving her tail while she drinks. There’s something so precious about Kelly drinking; I think it has to do with her timid nature, yet

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