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Daily Sketch: Three Color Kitties

A sketch from observing my cats in the kitchen. I’m not exactly sure why I visualized them in these colors, but what I was studying was their strong shapes as silhouettes with minor highlights within, and the subtle differences in each of their shades of black as represented in red,

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Daily Sketch: Why is This Bag So Heavy?

I did pick up one of my larger shopping bags from the floor where I’d tossed it, and it didn’t all pick up! Then I saw the tail. Just one of the feline incidents that happen throughout the day. It was Giuseppe. . . . . . . . What

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For Feral Cat Day: The TNR Story Print or Poster

“The TNR Story” 63 spayed and neutered cats in two paragraphs of cat shapes “and no one ever had any more kittens, and they all lived happily ever after.” THE END This art was inspired by working in post op at the May Homeless Cat Management Team TNR clinic. I’m

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Featured Artwork: A Rosy Glow

I always celebrate my one truly feral rescue on National Feral Cat Day, October 16, not because she was my rescue, but because she taught me about feral cats before I really knew they were any different from other cats. Our 19 years together were one long lesson in patience

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Rolling Around, 2013

Giuseppe was having a really good roll around on the floor, for no apparent reason except that it made him happy. I think we should all do that each day! This was another fun attempt to follow a moving target with my eyes while drawing with my hand and not

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“Kelly’s Morning Bath” Block Print on Handmade Papers

The Kelly’s Morning Bath duo was the first feline pictorial block print I designed all the way back in 1998, even before The Tortie Girls duo of block prints. I was literally inspired by Kelly’s daily morning bath in front of the big casement window, sketched it up and cut

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Just a Tiny Nap, 2013

Another cat in a box…and intentionally lured there by me. I’ve been working in my studio late into the night, or early into the morning as it were, and last night my supervisor was Mimi. Mimi was not interested in supervisory duties, however, she wanted love and play. I, on

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: “Christie”

“YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS GIRL…” to take a chance on a kitty known to have litterbox issues, well, that’s just love, something Christie likely hadn’t gotten before. She blossomed, and gave back as much as she got. . . . . . . . Would you choose to

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Daily Sketch Reprise: The Surprise, 2012

A cat in a box is no surprise, but a box that turned out to be heavier than you thought that you open to find Mewsette happily napping in is a surprise, a very pleasant one. So, of course, I had to sketch her, because the moment I opened the

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Daily Sketch: One L-o-o-o-ng Kitty

Guess who this is?! Bella and Smokie, respectively, are finally having some time on the first floor after thoroughly inspecting the second floor. I still won’t let them in the basement for fear I’ll never find them in the chaos down there, but they weathered their first journey to the

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