Book Review: The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats)

The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats) by Melissa Haas book review
The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats) by Melissa Haas

Now we know cats really own Christmas—or at least the tree and Santa’s sleigh! Melissa Haas has followed Catula, the Misadventures of Dracula’s Cat with another charming and colorful illustrated story book, inspired by her best friend and therapy kitty, Sunny, her rescued Cornish Rex, in a reworking? —corrected version? —of The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore.

The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats) by Melissa Haas book review
Yes, there was a creature stirring, and not just a mouse…

Yes, Santa gets an upgrade to a sleigh pulled by cats, but not just any cats—cats made famous by the internet, and after your kitty trashes your tree over the course of December, as described in the book…

The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats) by Melissa Haas book review
How your tree is systematically destructed.

…this new and magical sleigh stops by for a visit from Nyan Cat, Maru, Keyboard Cat and more stop in to celebrate with your kitty. You’ll wonder how you missed all this before now.

The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats) by Melissa Haas book review
A visit from…some pretty famous cats!

Melissa created an entertaining story out of the original poem and feline inspirations from the internet, plus lots of details and subplots in the story cat lovers will enjoy. In the end, humans and kittehs alike find the true spirit of Christmas.

Her illustrations are once again a combination of markers, ink, gouache, and digital effects across two-page spreads in this 8.5″ x 11″ self-published paperback book. It’s available on

About Melissa Hass and her favorite feline Sunny

woman and cat
Melissa and Sunny.

I met Melissa last year and reviewed her first illustrated book Catula, the Misadventures of Dracula’s Cat and stopped by her house to interview this remarkable young woman. As a child she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) after first being misdiagnosed with asthma for several years and, now in her 30s, her health is fragile and she has lived longer than many others with this disease. But she doesn’t let frequent trips to the hospital and a need to limit her physical activities inhibit her creativity. Largely self-taught as an artist, at one time performing as a concert pianist, Melissa self-published her first book Pixies and Fairy Dust while in high school, and continues to pursue anything she pleases, within reason.

Melissa’s constant companion is a rescued Cornish Rex cat named Sunny, who not only inspires her books, but travels to book signings and readings, and even visits her in the hospital. He’s a registered therapy pet, and takes his job seriously.

Read more about Melissa, and also read my review of Catula in Book Review: Catula, the Misadventures of Dracula’s Cat

All images of Ms. Haas’s books courtesy her websites.

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Another fun gift book idea…

black cat with gift book
Jelly Bean cleverly turns the pages with his nose.

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Allia has two other animal-themed books, one for cats and one for dogs, Dog Confessions and I’d Rather Be a Cat. The kids and I reviewed these as well and I’m sure you’ll appreciate their opinions; no giveaway, though, that was last year.

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