From the Archives: Lucy on the Desk, and Four on the Floor

Lucy on the Desk
Lucy on the Desk

Hmmm, a black kitty on a messy desk, not so unusual. Except that it’s not Mimi or one of the Four, it’s Lucy from this date in 2006, exactly ten year ago! Apparently she figured out the magic of the desk all on her own, though I don’t know how she managed to have it all to herself when Peaches, Cookie, Kelly and Namir knew they had the rights to the desk whenever they wanted. Possibly they were all on my lap. But here is sweet little Lucy sleeping under the kitty keep-warm lights, and apparently my messy desk is not a new thing.

And below, on this date two years later, it’s the Four on the floor! Yes, they have piled up like kittens since they were kittens. Here they are about 14 months old and have all decided to occupy a small doormat that you can see the edges of beneath them. Believe it or not, at this point, they were still up for adoption. We had decided I would keep them until they were a year old to see if any symptoms of FIP, or anything, showed up. I was openly looking for homes, but there were no takers, not for them or Mimi. A few weeks later I knew they had to stay because I knew they were going to be awesome subjects for just about everything. And this is only one photo of the Four of them in action—below are a dozen or more through the years!

Four on the Floor
Four on the Floor

. . . . . . .

I have many, many photos to catch up on in the past week…or more. I’ll include all those photos in one post, but for now it’s the day for memories. Now that my internet connection consistently works and I’ve caught up from a week of work that didn’t get done, and working on catching up with my next Sampler Box and a special painting for October, I can take the time to start posting again. I hope this is the last time this happens. I miss posting!

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?

Wordless Wednesday: Fore and Aft, the Secret Meeting
three black cats
Jelly Bean joins the boys’ secret meeting at the top of the stairs.

. . . . . . .

Once Upon a Time on a Rocker, My Have We Grown
four black cats
And settled in.

This is the mess in my office, with cats. This is where and how I store my merchandise right now, and it serves the kitties just fine—always something new! Boxes to smell and climb on and rub on and scratch, and most important, nap on.

Here I’d shuffled things around so the seat of the rocker was exposed, and I got down to the level with the cloud bed they’d grown tired of. Cloud bed went on the rocker seat, really just temporary, but they found it immediately and have exposed me to two full days or rigorous torture as they arrange and rearrange their sweet selves all over the bed in twos and threes and, finally, in fours. This is behind me; each time I turned around it was another case of sweetness.

In fact, I took photos of them and began this post, then stopped to take more when Mimi joined them, then more when all four finally found a way to share the rocker. They are still there, as you see them at the top of this post.

Below is what they looked like in November 2007 at four months, a slightly different rocker and the throw that’s always on it underneath, and below that, a photo of the four today in their first attempt to curl up together until the ones on the end kept falling off.

four black kittens on rocker
Everybody on the Rocker!
four black cats
They kind of fit…mostly because of the cloud bed.

Below is a slideshow of the whole event…and later on, a sketch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . . . . . .

What’s Cookin’?, 2012
two black cats on cookbook
What’s cookin’?

Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine are always hopeful, but it’s not looking too promising with the parsley, though it was good when they tasted it.

On the other hand, sitting on the cookbook, basically just stacks of paper when it’s open, is such a cat thing, the boys could stay there all day. In fact, they did, even when I wasn’t there. On a cool day that turned rainy, a simmering pot of soup kept the kitchen warm and comfortable. I enjoyed the company.

And don’t tell the boys the cookbook was just being used as a feline containment and management device so they wouldn’t get mixed up in my chopping of vegetables and such…

. . . . . . .

Can You Turn Down These Lights? 2011
black cat with paw over face
Giuseppe trying to nap.

“I’m trying to take a nap here,” Giuseppe says.

“I’m trying to work here,” I respond.

“But it’s so nice and toasty warm here,” he replies.

“It won’t be if I turn off the lights,” I tell him.

“I need my beauty rest. Mlle. Daisy may contact me at any moment and I need to look perfect,” he insists.

“Mlle. Daisy can’t see you,” I inform him.

“But I can see her! Of course she can see me!” he seems upset. I let it go. “Mlle. Daisy loves you no matter what you do, she tells you that all the time,” I say.

“But I can never be too sure, I did hear there is at least one other black cat who visits her door, I need to be very careful,” Giuseppe says.

“If you like to eat, you might consider moving to a more comfortable spot to get your beauty rest than lazing all over my desk so that I might get some work done,” I remark.

“But I have to he right here if Mlle. sends a message, and I have to be perfect!” he protests.

“Giuseppe, the two of you don’t have Skype or anything, she can’t see you when she sends you a message,” I tell him again.

“She can’t?” he asks.

“No, baby, she can’t see you. Can you see her when you send a message?” I ask.

“Not when I send a message, but I just always thought she could see me,” Giuseppe says, confused.

“It’s just words right now, Big Guy, you don’t need to comb your ear hair and shine your whiskers,” I tell him.

“I’m so disappointed…” he trails off.

“Perhaps you could go and sleep on the bed with your brothers,” I suggest, trying not to be too obvious. “They will help you feel better.”

“Can we send Mlle. a message right now?” he asks.

“Sure we can,” I reply. “What would you like me to type?”

“Mlle. Daisy, mon cherie, I love you with all my heart and every piece of fur on my body!” he says. I type this.

“And, and…I have a gift for you! It will be a surprise,” he continues.

“That’s very sweet, Giuseppe. Anything else?” I ask.

“Love and kisses, nuzzles and purrs, your love, Giuseppe,” he finishes.

Some things never change.

Click here for the full list of stories and correspondence of the past year’s affaire between the two feline lovers.

. . . . . . .

Two Torties on One Lap, 2010
two tortie cats on my lap
Two Torties on One Lap

One for each leg! And they are touching each other! I am sitting with my legs crossed on my desk chair to accommodate them.

Cookie and Kelly have always more than tolerated each other, unlike the typical tortie story, but even these two don’t curl up together with anyone but me. However, if both of them want my lap badly enough they have no problem actually touching each other. It’s a little awkward to get work done with a lap literally full of cat and not being able to roll in under my keyboard shelf. I actually tried working by balancing the keyboard on top of the two of them, to no avail. I just reached a little farther during their nap time.

Seems like yesterday.

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