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Farewell to Fay, and Someday Farewell to Dogfighting

A few weeks ago, the HSUS posted a story about one of the dogs rescued in raids which broke up a huge dogfighting ring in the Midwest. At first glance, the bared teeth in Fay’s photo looked as if she was on the attack, as a recent fighting dog might

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Keeping Peaches Warm

Peaches apparently makes a great pillow. She is purportedly 19 years old. She came to me four years ago, and a friend of her former owner, who had died told me Peaches was about 15. She looked entirely her age at that time, perhaps because, although  people had been caring

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Holiday Greetings From My Creative Cats: An Old Memory

This was my most recent holiday card, from 2009. I took the photo in 1983, just a few months after I got my first camera and I was only shooting black and white so I could learn how to use the camera. Even though it was black and white film,

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Holiday Greetings From My Creative Cats: Sophie Gets a Look at Herself!

Whether or not Sophie thinks she is all nose with tiny eyes and ears or that every ornament has her image on it, I don’t know, but she certainly looked a little disconcerted at encountering her reflection in this way. In any case, she provided the inspiration for a bright,

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Holiday Greetings From My Creative Cats: Meowy Cats Mess

This is a linoleum block print I designed to use for my 1996 holiday card. Busy little stylized kitties in spots, stripes and solids climb and run through the words. I usually use white or cream rice paper with gold and silver flecks to print this, but that background didn’t

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Holiday Greetings From My Creative Cats: Christmas Dogs!

I saw them do this, so even though they aren’t my dogs I can still say this is for real! I paint cats most often because I live with them and I feel confident that I know them well enough to be able to illustrate them accurately. Not so dogs–I

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Holiday Greetings From My Creative Cats: Winter Window

Kelly pauses in the stark pastel light of a winter afternoon through the big north window in my studio, absolutely still in contemplation as she watches birds flit about at the feeders or Buddy the squirrel making a fool of himself. Kelly is petite for an adult cat, making the

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The Unintended Gift: My first cat, and how cats became my muse

When I was nine years old, I remember telling my parents and my older sister what kind of animals I liked. I don’t know if this was in response to a question, but I know I explained completely and with enthusiasm, telling every last detail of what I liked about

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Dusk in the Woods

That “blue time of day”…a quick walk in the woods after a heavy snowfall as the sun set on the distant horizon, bare trees like sentinels. This time of day always carries a certain melancholy for me, as if a deep instinctive part of me realizes the sun is about

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Heartwarming Tales of Dogs

Published on December 18, 2009 in dog

Perhaps it’s the holiday season and the general need for a heartwarming story, but I’ve been reading article after article on unique dogs–war dogs sniffing bombs in Afghanistan, service dogs helping veterans when they return home and helping non-veterans who are physically challenged, prison inmates training these dogs, and some

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