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Daily Sketch: Boys

My studio supervisors for this morning. I sketched this very early this morning as I was working at my drafting table and the computer in my studio. Those windows face west and much of the light is absorbed into the spruce and maple trees with just a little reflected down

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Daily Photo: Rescued Kitten Says “Thank You!” and More

This rescued kitten says, “Thanks for rescuing me!” and gives a high five! I went to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society two pick up two stray/feral cats who’d been spayed and needed to go somewhere for recovery overnight before being released back to the hood tomorrow. While I was there

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Wordless Wednesday: Whatever!

Click here to vote for in the Petties. Best Cat Blog Best Blog Post Best Video Post Read more about the Petties in this post. Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not

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Congratulations and Thank You to Teddy and Tottie, Winner of “Kennedy” Sketch

Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to Dani of Teddy and Tottie for your generosity in bidding a $150.00 donation toward Kennedy’s care to win this sketch! “…As you know, I love black cats and I have been so moved by Kennedy’s story and think of him every day. I

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Daily Sketch Reprises: Two Cats and Kitty Shape

Well, it’s two cats doing what cats do, scratching and sleeping. Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe are on the table by my easel—on my boxes of pastels, no less—supervising me, and making sure they are next in line should Kelly decide to give up my lap any time today. I was

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Daily Photo: Celebration Breakfast

Well, they had some extra goodies to get them to line up like this, but here they are, enjoying their celebration breakfast! They don’t eat lined up like this any more, but every once in a while I can convince them to do it as long as I plan ahead

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Homecoming Day for Five

The Four were born on July 26 but July 29 is the day Mimi and her babies joined my household. Of course, some of my favorite rescue stories are the ones closest to me and the felines who came to stay, in part because all the members of my feline

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Daily Sketch: Mimi Falling Asleep

Mimi begins to list a little and spread out as she relaxes from the upright symmetrical meatloaf position of observing me from the vantage point of my elbow. What would I do without her? . . . . . . . What else was I sketching on this date? .

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Daily Photo: Visitors!

Last week was a very busy week and we had so many visitors that Mimi and the Fantastic Four could hardly stay awake to celebrate their birthday! I always feel bad about the stacks of bins and boxes right in my office as you enter, and the fact my felines

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Cats for Adoption: Auntie Comes In For Good

Do feral cats ever decide on their own to come inside? Yes they do—and Auntie, living outdoors for at least five years and cared for by rescuer Margo at her workplace, has decided she is ready for a real forever home! And sometimes a cat who trusts you but is

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