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Daily Photo: Perfect Fit

It’s those puzzle cats again. Jelly Bean, Mimi and Giuseppe just barely fit on the seat of the rocker. What would happen if it was smaller? They would probably try to fit another brother or sister there as well! . . . . . . . What other photos have

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Daily Photo Reprise: The Cat and The Hats, 2013

Where did these hats come from? I knocked them down a while ago! Could it be that my human Keeps replacing them just so?   How DID they get back up here? I knocked them down a couple of times! It’s all becoming very clear That human has set me

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Decorate Your Garden With Feline-themed Garden Flags

Now that spring is finally here and the ground has thawed, I can move my garden flags around. I’m so glad to see all the color with the flags waving gently in the spring breezes, and I’ve slowly added decorations and flowers. Mimi is sure if she shows you how

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Daily Sketch: Two Cats Napping

Giuseppe had come along to settle down with his mom and as the two snuggled into and wrapped around each other they seemed to be one continuous cat. I drew them pretty much in one continuing line beginning with Mimi’s inside shoulder, only lifting when the brush seemed to be

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Kitty Things: A Pretty Window, and Some Memories

I knew I’d like this shop when I parked outside and saw this window from the outside, then when I talked to the owner and saw it from the inside with the sun shining though I liked the window and the shop even more. A big old brick home with

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Wordless Wednesday: There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth…

Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication. If you are interested in

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What’s On My Easel? Sasha, First Draft

We met Sasha back in February when she and her person stopped by to get a few photographs and get a start on her portrait. Through some frustrating email issues we’ve been discussing size and color and now we’re finally ready to put Sasha on paper. I’m so glad to

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Their Faces in the Sun, 2013

Mimi and Mewsette settled in the sun from the window on the landing, both of them enjoying the wash of the warm light on their faces as the shadows crept up over their backs. Often, big soft Mewsette settles somewhere and soon I see little Mimi tucked up against her,

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Daily Photo: Telling Stories

Purrrrhaps Bean and Giuseppe are whispering stories to each other on my desk like Cookie and Kelly are on the monitor behind them. In either case, I rarely find out what they discussed! . . . . . . . What other photos have I shared on this date? Do

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Daily Photo Reprise: Jelly Bean’s Earth Day

Jelly Bean says he had a pretty good Earth Day. He conserved a lot of energy by napping as much as possible, so much energy that he could probably cash in what he conserved to get himself some really good treats, or even some quality ‘nip. And he knows he

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