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Daily Sketch: A Nap on the Quilt

Mewsette and Bean were completely relaxed on the purple and white pinwheel quilt in my bedroom for the afternoon. Lucky them. I liked their silhouettes, but I also liked it when Bean turned and looked at me. I initially visualized this in colored pencil, but then tended toward watercolor pencil

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Others’ Fine Felines: Frankencat Today

What a handsome kitty! So graceful and dignified, and confident. This is a recent photo of Frankencat which his person Heather Long recently shared on Facebook. Who would know his beginnings from looking at this photo? Not only is he an incredible cat every moment of the day, but he’s

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Changing the Conversation About Cat Pee

AAFP/ISFM Guidelines for Diagnosing and Solving House-Soiling Behavior in Cats Practical Guidelines Emphasize that House ‐ Soiling is Not Due to Spite/Anger Toward Owner . I’ve told people for years that “cats speak in pee.” It’s a unique language all their own, and to you that language may be saying,

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Mimi, Mewsing; Approaching a Birthday and an Anniversary

Something about the light today brings back a memory…something about the time before I came here. How long have I been here? It seems like forever, but I know it hasn’t been because I lived out there, out in the street I’m looking at, out there in all kinds of

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An Update on Kennedy

It’s time to catch up with things! Kennedy had his exam on Wednesday and most of the news was good. He had blood tests and another chest/abdominal X-ray along with a lot of consultation. But it all looks as if he’s got some time left here, possibly quite some time,

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Daily Sketch Reprises: You’ll Have to Step Over Me and Two Blue Cats

Cats laying in doorways, an age-old problem. What to do? Draw them! There was originally another kitty with Mr. Sunshine but he left, and then the phone rang, so if it looks a little unfinished, it is, but I like the loose quality. . . . . . . .

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Daily Photo: Cat Shadows

About the only time Mimi will be larger than Mewsette, their shadows and the shadows of leaves fall on the floor in bright morning sun. We so enjoy looking out the basement door in the morning while I ride my bike and do laundry and even work on projects first

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Wordless Wednesday: Hot

Click here to vote for in the Petties. Best Cat Blog Best Blog Post Best Video Post Read more about the Petties in this post. Browse some rescued cats and kittens! All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not

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A Great Rescue and Commissioned Portrait: A Portrait in Oranges

DO YOU KNOW your veterinarian’s pets? I do, and early in my career had the honor of painting portraits of her cats and her dogs, all rescues. Each had their story, and it was wonderful to know that my veterinarian felt the same abut rescuing animals as I did. This

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Daily Sketch: Naps

We’ve been fortunate to have a temperate summer so far, but today it was just plain hot and humid. Jelly Bean was happy to have the entire top of the wardrobe at the top of the stairs by the open window all to himself. Some air circulates there and it’s

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